Thank you notes from Ms. V’s Class

Thank you from Ms. V's Student
We just received our Thank You package from Ms. V’s class for sponsorship of a project through Donor’s Choose.

Project: Bare Necessities for Shooting Stars

Project Description by Ms. V:

We are a bright, enthusiastic 1st grade class in a high-poverty, high-need community where parental involvement is low. Several children are either English-language learners or have Individualized Education Plans.

In order for these children to take interest in learning, they must first become independent learners and take charge of their own learning – teaching must appeal to multiple intelligences and learning styles and motivating young learners is essential. Hands-on activities and centers that are kid-friendly are key in involving young learners and allowing them to actively engage in the formation of various learning experiences.

We need materials that will help organize and set up our writing center and motivate us to keep writing stories about our lives. We also need math manipulatives to help differentiate instruction and support students that are struggling with mathematical concepts and require more visual support. We also need modeling clay for art-inspired science activities and word study materials that will help us internalize word wall words, explore sounds and practice writing high-frequency words. These materials will help promote independence in the classroom and will reach out to the different types of learners in our classroom.

You will make it possible for my students to become OWNERS of their learning by immersing themselves in hands-on activities that will help bring words and mathematics to life. These materials will help appeal to the multiple intelligences in my classroom, spark enthusiasm in their young minds and will promote a love of words and learning in general that will brighten with each new learning experience they encounter.

Letter from Ms. V:
Thank you from Ms V

Thank you from Ms V cont

Thank you notes and drawings from the Students:

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