Social Responsibility Policy

New York Virtual Office

As citizens of the world, we at VH International Business Solutions, Inc. take pride in our global conscience and social responsibility by setting policies to ensure the safety and well being of the children of the world to whom the future belongs.

We make participating responsibly in the global marketplace possible by selecting vendors which not only prominently display their policies involving their environmental and human rights practices, but actively strive to set standards in emerging markets.

We actively sponsor and donate to programs that help enable child development, nutrition, education, health and sanitation as well as family income generation to help build a better tomorrow. In 1996 we began sponsoring now 15-year old Luisa from Pecem, Brazil. 2005 introduced us to 4-year old Roberto from Quito, Ecuador. 2007 brought us 4 year old Hillary from Betim, Brazil. 2008 introduced us to 3 year old Juliana from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Our staff actively participates with all four children by sending letters and gifts. Next time you visit our offices, ask to see their most recent photos.

We have also sponsored several classroom projects throughout the United States through Donor’s Choose. As of April 2009 our donations have provided resources to 1121 students and supported 607 hours of instruction and homework. Recipients have included Mrs. T’s environmental science project in Mississippi, Ms. R’s after school visual arts and music project in Brooklyn, NY, Ms. G’s AIDS awareness project in Iowa, Mr. S’ literacy program in Bronx, NY, Mrs. V’s independent learning project in New York City, Ms. S’ first grade creative writing project in Harlem, NY, Mr. O’s Shakespeare project in North Carolina, and Ms. S’ science project in NYC.

Our four legged friends are just as important . We’ve recently made donations to a no kill, privately run pet rescue and adoption center in Jaffrey, NH.

Among other charities that we actively donate to are The Food Bank of New York, Thirteen/WNET, WLIR and American Diabetes Association.

We will always give back to the world community. As global citizens, this is our pledge and our honor.

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