Writers – Get an Office in NYC and Get Inspired!

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A serviced office in a glamorous and fascinating area like NYC can be ideal for a writer in more ways than one.

Many writers work from home, but the home can be full of distractions and sometimes, less than inspiring. Working from home can be isolating too – and writers can benefit a great deal from networking! Is your home always the best place for productivity and inspiration?

If you need to step up productivity and engage in a little more networking, perhaps you should consider working from an inexpensive NYC serviced office for a day or two each week.

The advantages of a NYC serviced office for a writer might include:

  • Cost effective work space – serviced offices are available on a casual or regular basis – so you don’t have to pay for office space unless you’re using it and you don’t have to sign a lengthy lease.
  • Better focus – you’ll be able to separate yourself from the distractions (sometimes called writing avoidance tactics) of home – like cleaning and gardening.
  • Ego boost – you’ll feel ever so much more important if you have an office!
  • Image boost – you’ll be able to include your physical city office address on your business cards, website and professional communications – even if you’re never there.
  • Access to equipment – you can arrange access to shared office equipment like copiers, printers and fax machines.
  • City inspiration – should you feel the need for a little break and some added inspiration while you’re working, stepping out onto the streets of Manhattan could feed your creativity.
  • Great for networking – your city serviced office would be a great place to meet with other writers and professional contacts – before stepping out for coffee at one of NYC’s many trendy venues.

A serviced office in NYC could give you a great escape from suburbia, a quiet workplace, and easy access to the buzzing city streets. Who knows what twists and turns your writing career could take with a serviced office in NYC !

Turn the page – speak to us today and you could be working from a serviced office in NYC tomorrow!

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