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Are you licensed to practice law in NY and need a professional office address in Manhattan?

In today’s business world, you don’t need to lay out unnecessary start-up capital to rent a traditional office to service your clientele. A virtual office with a staffed physical office address may be just the solution for you!

Our virtual office service offers you a physical office address to receive legal documents, mail, client correspondence, service of process, and any documents requiring a signature. We can then forward these documents onto your location.  Exactly what you would need for your Virtual Law Firm!

Do you need an office to meet with clients on an as-needed basis? We offer you a well-appointed meeting space that you pay for only when you use it.

Manhattan phone and fax services are also available.

Wondering if a virtual office will work for your firm? Here’s an example of a virtual office case study we did on James, an attorney from Brooklyn, New York. The services he utilized from Manhattan Virtual Office were a New York virtual office business address and meeting room rentals by the hour.

James worked for a prestigious law firm in Midtown Manhattan – all day, early mornings, late nights, all nighters… He had enough!; enough of the schlep, enough of the commute and most of all, enough of the suit and tie! James HATED the suit and tie. He was ready to break away and start his own law firm and hit the ground running. He gave his 2-week notice and left his position at this dreadful law firm.

He immediately started preparations to go out on his own. Purposefully having no Plan B, he was going to make this work, he had to. He quickly realized that he would need, first and foremost, an office. Being on a limited budget, he knew that he would not be able to afford renting his own brick and mortar office, not to mention all the associated costs that go along with renting an office: electric, furniture, insurance, staff, supplies, etc…

James recalled that one of his former colleagues, Bruce, left the same Midtown law firm a few months before he did. James contacted Bruce to touch base and see how independent life was treating him… and to possibly get some guidance. Bruce told James about the services he was utilizing along with services offered by Manhattan Virtual Office. James was intrigued about the quality and affordability of the services recommended by Bruce, this is just what he needed.

James contacted Manhattan Virtual Office to open his own New York office. James initially subscribed to our physical office address rental (virtual office) service. He needed to receive paperwork, correspondence, legal documents, and service of process at our offices. Any items received in his new law firm’s name would need to be overnighted to his Brooklyn home address. James was quickly tying all those loose ends, it was coming together for him.

James was ready and excited to finally be able to work from home. His office was all set up with a Virtual Office in Manhattan. He got his website domain name, business cards, and placed a few ads.

Today, James wakes up bright and early, showers, and puts on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and works in his home office all day. He takes a quick break in the morning and afternoon to walk his dog. By late afternoon he receives any paperwork that has been overnighted from the office. He works with clients via phone and email during the week. James rents the available office meeting room for 4 hours every two weeks or so. He schedules all his client consultations during this time period, one every 30 minutes.

When client consultation day arrives, James gets to the office in the dreaded suit and tie, with his Fiji water in hand, sets up his laptop and is ready within seconds for his first guest. He leaves a list of his appointments with the receptionist and she greets and announces each client. If James needs copies of legal documents or ID’s, he gives them to the receptionist to make. After his last appointment, he leaves the office at 4pm and is back home in Brooklyn before the 5pm rush.

James is a pleasure to have as a client. He loves his virtual work life and more so since our services enable him to have the freedom he wants by providing the physical presence he requires. And most of all he loves only having to put on his “Monkey Suit” (and tie) every couple of weeks!

James is just one example of how a virtual office can work for a law firm. How can a Manhattan Virtual Office help you?

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