An Office for Your Company in Midtown Manhattan

Are you currently working from home? Are you a professional such as a lawyer, real estate broker, or insurance broker? Do you want a professional image, without the cost of a permanent office?

A virtual office provides professionals who work from home with all the benefits of a permanent staffed office, at a tiny fraction of the price.

Mail handling, mail forwarding, phone, fax, license hanging & meeting room rentals available.

Rates from only $30 a month. Open your NYC virtual office space today!

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How can a Manhattan Virtual Office help you?

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Since 1990.

Manhattan Virtual

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NYC virtual office in Midtown Manhattan

Use our Midtown, Fifth Avenue office as your own!
Create a New York City presence for your company, instantly.

NYC Meeting Room Rentals

New York Virtual Office, Mail Forwarding and Corporate Services.

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