Enjoy Game Day with a Virtual Office


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Sit back in front of the HD flat screen on Sunday with a cold one, wings, nachos, family and friends and watch the Big Game with no worries – if you have a virtual office!

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals can enjoy the day just as much as your friends who can call in sick to work on Monday. We understand that calling in sick for you consists of an awkward one-way conversation in the mirror.

Whether you stay up too late, have horrible heartburn all night, or had way too many cold ones – don’t worry. We are running your office for you.

Take an antacid or an aspirin, hit snooze on your alarm and sleep for an extra few hours. Your virtual office is up and running and your clients will never know the difference.

So go ahead and enjoy The Big Game and don’t worry about overindulging, we’ll run the office for you.

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