Want the Prestige of a Manhattan Office without the Expenses of a Full-Time Office?

If so, our Manhattan virtual office services are just for you. With our cost-effective pricing, offering a physical office business address starting at $1 a day, you can present a professional image to clients and have the freedom to work from anywhere!
With a virtual office, $1 a day goes a long way.

We’ll handle your mail, and if required, assign you a Manhattan phone and fax numbers.

Need to meet with clients? We have space available at cost effective rates.

Letting us manage all the office side-details allows you to focus on expanding your business even further with unnecessary traditional office costs running overhead.

Time is money, and our Manhattan virtual office services saves you both!

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How can a Manhattan Virtual Office help you?

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NYC virtual office in Midtown Manhattan

Use our Midtown, Fifth Avenue office as your own!
Create a New York City presence for your company, instantly.

New York Virtual Office, Mail Forwarding and Corporate Services.