Virtual Offices: Perfect Solution for Businesses Both Big and Small

Rockefeller Center – December 2, 2016

In recent years companies have been looking at ways to scale back their budget, yet maintain a presence that portrays success and prestige. And then there are small businesses, operated out of the home, on the brink of expansion that require meetings to be held somewhere other than a restaurant or their own dining room. Now imagine that both of those enterprises were located in Midtown Manhattan, and how a Fifth Avenue address would add a level of respectability to their business. The problem is that the cost of office space in Manhattan is out of reach of a business trying to downsize, or the small up and comer who’s looking to expand; or is it?

While a full-blown office space in Manhattan would be financially impossible for most, a virtual office can be had for as little as a dollar a day. If you are somewhat confused by the last statement, then let me take a moment to explain; virtual offices are real, physical locations that have an actual Manhattan address, but which can be rented on a monthly basis and used physically whenever you need to pick up mail, or have a place to conduct business meetings.

A virtual office space is perfect for businesses both big and small. Many large companies are paying for massive spaces, the majority of which they don’t use enough to make it financially viable. On the flip side is the small business that would like to have a bigger space, but can’t afford to make the move up just quite yet. Both of those types of businesses can greatly benefit from a virtual office, and it’s perhaps why it’s an option that is hugely popular in the business world.

It’s not just space that you get when you rent a virtual office though, and you’ll find that the small monthly amount that you pay will in fact stretch very far. You can get a dedicated office staff that will forward your mail and greet clients whenever you do actually need to use the space for a meeting with clients. The actual virtual office address is not a P.O Box or fake suite number like many virtual offices companies provide to disguise a mailbox.

There are many companies that are caught in a bind one way or another, and whether they are looking to save some money, or take the first big step on the expansion ladder, then a virtual office space is an option that can definitely help them both succeed in their goals.

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