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Who needs a NYC serviced office? If you’d like to make your one-person business appear a little larger, without paying office rental and electricity, or having to commute, then perhaps you do!

Starting out in business can be difficult. If you’re a sole trader it can be even tougher – you need to compete with larger competitors who can appear to be more professional and successful purely based on their size. There’s no doubt that operating from commercial premises can be a significant advantage – but it’s one that most people cannot afford when they’re starting out.

That’s where we can help. A NYC serviced office through Manhattan Virtual Office is an inexpensive solution that allows you to have a prestigious city address on your business cards, a physical and mailing address in the city, and even someone to answer your “office” telephone – while you work from home.

If you work “in the field” or you travel extensively, a NYC serviced office can give your clients the reassurance that they’ll be able to get in touch with your “office” even while you are away.

Missing calls from prospective new clients will also be a thing of the past. If you’re away or busy with a client, the trained staff at your serviced office can take your calls in a professional manner.

“Call my New York office” – doesn’t that sound great? You can also say “Meet me at my New York office.” We have offices available for short term and occasional use so you can have a physical presence in a major city when you need to meet with clients.

With a NYC serviced office you can be a little “bigger” – without paying the huge overheads.

Why not set up your serviced office today and explore the advantages that having a city office can bring?

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