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psx_20161013_103313.jpgServiced office” is a term that sounds expensive when you hear it – but in fact, a serviced office is a great way for a business of any size to have business premises in a major city for a fraction of the cost that would be involved in leasing office space in the city. How does $30 a month sound?

Not quite sure what a serviced office is? A serviced office is one you can use on a temporary, casual, or even long term basis. Because there are a number of serviced offices at a single city address, reception facilities and the cost of maintaining office facilities (like phones, facsimiles, printers and other office equipment) are able to be shared between many businesses.

Many small business operators who use serviced offices simply want to be able to list a prestigious business address and phone number for their company and have their calls and mail forwarded from their serviced office to a home address. Some need an office they can use only when they’re meeting clients or need to do a presentation in a professional environment. Other require an office they can use on a more regular basis.

In competitive times you need to find clever solutions that keep costs down and help your business to grow. Maintaining a serviced office in a major business hub like New York can open up opportunities and give your business the credibility that comes with having a prestigious commercial address – without the headache of daily commuting, paying a fortune in rent, or tying yourself into a long term lease.

For around $30 a month you could have a New York address on your business cards. If you’re ready to grow your business but you aren’t quite ready to lease a city office, a New York serviced office might be exactly what you need. Speak to us today about a serviced office and you could be arranging some lovely new business cards tomorrow!

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