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If you’re a freelancer, consultant or professional who works from home, a NY virtual office could be just what you need to help you separate your working day from your private time.

There are numerous benefits attached to being able to run your business from home. You don’t have to travel to and from the office each day; you get to spend a little more time with family; and you can start, finish and take breaks whenever you want to. At least that’s the theory.

For some, the reality is quite different. Many people find it important to mentally separate home from work – perhaps it’s because home is traditionally a refuge from work. Having business clients attending your home address isn’t always a desirable scenario and if you’re using your home telephone number for business, you can find you are taking work calls at all hours, seven days a week. A virtual office could be your perfect answer.

Here are some of the ways a NY virtual office could work for you:

  • It can give you a prestigious business address to include on your business cards, letterheads and websites.
  • You can make occasional use of office and meeting space at our virtual office premises for giving special presentations, or when you simply want to work in a quiet space that is away from home.
  • You could regularly use an office at our address for consulting or meeting clients, for example, if you schedule meetings only on particular days of the week and do the remainder of your work from the comfort of home.
  • You can arrange for a receptionist to answer calls to your office number and take messages for you; or you can have calls forwarded from your office number to your own phone.
  • You can receive mail at your New York office address and either collect it or have it forwarded to your home address.

If you enjoy the lifestyle that working from home offers but you’d prefer to maintain the privacy of your home, a NY virtual office might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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