Move into a NYC Virtual Office and Let Your Employees Work from Home!

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Could getting a virtual office save your business money? Many businesses have found smart ways of reducing operating costs over the past few years – they’ve had to! One of the ways some businesses have achieved this is by choosing to operate via a virtual office instead of unnecessarily paying full-time rent for expensive office space.

Many single person businesses have been using NYC virtual offices for years. Now, larger businesses are discovering that by allowing employees to work from home, they reduce their need for office space and office infrastructure – and the cost involved in maintaining it.

With communication methods now facilitating easy verbal and visual communication from virtually anywhere in the world, and technology making the transmission of documents simple and reasonably secure, going into the office just isn’t as necessary as it once was. And why waste money paying for what you don’t need, right?

Here are just some of the advantages that changing to a NYC virtual office could offer:

  • You still get to have a prestigious physical office address for your business;
  • You can use offices and meeting rooms at your serviced office premises when you need to, and pay only for that period;
  • Any clients who visits your serviced office address will enter a professional reception area and be greeted in a professional manner;
  • You and your employees may be able to work from home and save the time, money and air pollution involved in commuting to a city office;
  • You won’t have to pay the weekly wage and benefits for a receptionist at your office;
  • You’ll be able to arrange the use of training or meeting rooms at your serviced office address if you do need to gather your employees together;
  • Your -office rent- could drop to as little as $25 a month!
  • Telephone and electricity costs can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated;
  • With a virtual office, you aren’t tied to a lengthy and expensive lease;

For some business types renting an office is beginning to seem a little old fashioned. Why not improve your lifestyle and that of your employees by taking advantage of the choices improving technology has made available? Speak to us about a NYC virtual office today and your business and employees could have a new ‘lease’ on life tomorrow!

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