HR Strategy Tips for Small Businesses

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Guest Blogging Series: Business Tips from a Human Resources Professional

Invest in HR Professionals early in the game:
As your business begins to grow, HR Business Partners can support you with the management and complexities associated with a growing workforce, serving as champions of change for the organization, and ensuring that you remain in compliance with local, state and federal employment laws as your business thrives. No matter how good you are at making widgets, cooking the best cuisine or accounting practices, HR is a distinct profession that should be trusted to experts.

Don’t Take the Canned Approach to HR

Keep the services in-house, as out-sourcing the function can often lead to the organization not having their ‘hand on the pulse’ of what is going on in their own company. This is the company you have dreamed about building since you were young. This is the company that you have sacrificed for, and built from the ground up. Your company’s mission, vision and values are not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, and neither should your HR philosophy be.

Treat People Well

Your reputation of how you treat employees is just as – if not more – important as how you treat clients/customers. As you build your reputation as an ‘Employer of Choice’ in the marketplace and the community, people will always remember the experience of how you made them feel. With websites such as open to feedback from current and former employees of your organization, you want to keep the negative feedback to a minimum.

“Best Practice” HR – What does this mean for Small Business?
Best practice is not what HR professionals with Ivy league educations do, nor is it practices carried over from any particular industry. HR best practices are results-drive systems that work well in your company, your industry, and meet your small business objectives.

How can a Virtual Office help my small business?
Virtual Offices allow you to focus on your core business, while leaving the office administrative work to them. Business leaders are able to focus more on strategy and less on tactical initiatives; entrepreneurs are able to establish themselves in the NYC marketplace in a professional office setting – and HR professionals are able to conduct investigations, mediations and arbitrations in a confidential, professional work environment with office services provided.

About the writer:
Martha V. holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations from New York Institute of Technology. She is an HR professional, specializing in Employee and Labor Relations. Connect with Martha on LinkedIn.

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