Building a Culture of Trust While Working Remotely

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Guest Blogging Series: Business Tips from a Human Resources Professional

As an HR professional, it is key to be approachable and accessible to the business lines that you support. In today’s ever-changing workforce and the opportunities that telecommuting, technology, multiple-locations and virtual offices can offer, establishing the trust factor of an HR professional is mission critical.

Don’t Over-promise and under-deliver
The business lines that you support will respect, trust and be likely to partner with you if you set realistic expectations on what you can and can not do. Set realistic time frames for completion of tasks, manage your time appropriately to improve turn-around time on inquiries, and make each and every one of your employees/clients feel like their concern is of top concern to you as well.

Use technology appropriately
Whether employees or managers chose to reach out to you via voice, e-mail, text, etc. be certain to respond. Your clients are reaching out in efforts to build the build of trust, and only you can help lay the foundation with them. Don’t forget to mind your e-mail/text etiquette.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it
Many times the message that we have to deliver as HR professional does not guarantee us a nomination for ‘most popular in the office’, but if we deliver the message with compassion, consistency and explain the ‘why’ as opposed to ‘because I said so’, our clients are more likely to partner with us moving forward.

When technology fails, a face-to-face can work wonders
Although technology has provided us with face-to-face interactions electronically, nothing takes the place of an in-person meeting. An employee may ask to meet with you to discuss a confidential matter, off-site, for fear of retaliation from a supervisor or peers. This is where services of a virtual office space, such as, can be very beneficial to an HR professional.

About the writer:
Martha V. holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations from New York Institute of Technology. She is an HR professional, specializing in Employee and Labor Relations. Connect with Martha on LinkedIn.

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