Enjoy all the Benefits of a Professional Office Address Without the Overhead!

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Get a Manhattan Virtual Office – and enjoy all the benefits of a professional address without the overheads!

A virtual office in New York can offer you all the benefits of renting a prestigious office space in Manhattan without the significant overheads involved. It is ideal for a range of companies: from start ups to international companies looking to expand into Manhattan. Virtual offices are also an attractive option for companies who need to reduce their office administration costs or only need to use office facilities on rare occasions.

So what are the benefits of a New York virtual office?

Firstly, distributing business cards and letterheads that display a mid-town Manhattan address is bound to bolster your image. Such a prestigious address projects a sense of professionalism and imbues confidence in your clientele. It also reflects on the style and quality of your business. No more post office box addresses!

However, these high-class rentals come with a high price tag that may put your company into the red. A virtual office puts you back in the black; offering office rental space when YOU need it. Instead of having the on-going overheads of a leased office in New York full of infrequently used rooms, a virtual office lets you choose when you need a room and the length of time you need to use it. If a client is coming in from out of town, you can simply rent a meeting room at your virtual New York office for the required duration. Regardless of whether it is for one hour, a month or even a year, you choose only what you need.

Secondly, virtual offices can help you to quickly and easily expand your business for only minimal investment. You can take what you’d usually need to invest in office space and staff, and focus on integrating your remote team members or using this capital to grow your business instead. Furthermore, your dedicated full-time virtual office staff provide pay per use services such as mail forwarding and live answering services when you need them. Oh, and you don’t have to fight the traffic into the city each day!

So…what are you waiting for? Improve the public face of your business today with a New York virtual office.

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