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You can conduct real business anywhere without actually being there. You can have customers or clients in any locale you want. You can expand your growing business without much cost. Those are some of the benefits of a virtual office.

A virtual office is much like a real office. A virtual office can be reached by phone, documents can be faxed to it, email can be sent to it and mail and packages can be sent to it. A secretary or receptionist will take calls, documents and packages and route them to you. The difference, you don’t actually rent or own the place. You don’t have real staff to pay for and worry about.

A virtual office offers a virtual presence of your business in most states or other countries. It provides you with a localized phone number and fax number, localized address for mail and packages, staff to attend to calls, packages and faxes and a temporary meeting room and office space for face-to-face meetings and conferences.

Having a localized office say, in New York, means that New York clients will seek your services even if you and your business are in Pittsburgh. Potential clients elsewhere will also tend to seek your services because your New York presence makes it appear that your business is bigger than it actually is. Through modern communications technology, real business can be conducted anywhere while having coffee in your home office.

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