Think Big for 2012 – Run a Manhattan Office for Under $30 a Month!

Neighborhood View from top of Flatiron Building
Photo by doctorow
View of the Flatiron District from Top of the Flatiron Building

Do you aspire to operating your business from a Manhattan office? Perhaps you’re a fledgling fashion designer, an artist, writer, lawyer, accountant, architect or engineer. It doesn’t really matter what you do, everyone knows that a Manhattan business address makes people sit up and take notice!

Why not advance your plans and get your Manhattan business address right now – did you know you can have a virtual office in Manhattan from $25 a month? Our Manhattan virtual office package is not just an address you rent – it’s a genuine office with a reception area and office facilities you can use by arrangement.

Your Manhattan office address can be used on your business cards and website and any mail received can be promptly forwarded to you, wherever you are located. You can also take advantage of a Manhattan telephone number and have the calls diverted to you or even answered by an operator who’ll personally take messages for you.

Best of all, you can run your Manhattan office without ever leaving home – you don’t even have to visit us to set it up. Everything can be done online. It’s quick too – your Manhattan virtual office can be up and running in as little as one day.

Imagine! This time tomorrow you could be utilizing your prestigious new location in your ambitious new marketing plan and encouraging people to “call you at your Manhattan office”. Of course, you’ll be taking those calls from the comfort of home.

If you want this to be a big year for you, perhaps it’s time to think big – big apple that is. Are you in a New York state of mind yet? If you are, call us now and we’ll get your big New Year rolling with a Manhattan virtual office.

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