NYC Virtual Offices – 3 Hot Tips

As a business owner you understand the importance of having a mailing address in a business district of a major city. This is even more important for young businesses just starting out making every effort to impress potential clients and land those large accounts. Many large and long established companies simply won’t give credibility to a person or small business running a business out of a basement, Nowhere, USA or mailbox. So you’re probably asking yourself, how in the world you are going to make an impression without having a business address that promotes stature and presence. The answer you’ve been looking for awaits you in a professional virtual office.

Virtual offices are gaining in popularity and more so in the past 10 years because they provide something that every company needs… a professional business address that provides prestige, stature, and complete credibility. Large companies or corporations feel it’s important to do business with a company located in a professional office, and better yet, if the office is located in a major city. The importance doesn’t stop there because even though you may have a virtual business address you are still required to manage your business virtually, meaning remotely. For that reason, the information provided here will give you 3 hot virtual office tips that you’ll need when selecting that perfect virtual office space.

1.) Location, Location, Location:

Location is so important when selecting your virtual office because your image could make or break the sale. That’s right, if you are trying to land a large corporate account and you decide a virtual office is the ticket to assist you with your business image, you’ll need to make sure the business address you’re being issued is a real office and that you’re not being issued a mailbox number passing off as an office suite… additionally, that the office is located in a professional office building that will make your business stand out. Just because a virtual office service provides an address for you in a major city, doesn’t mean it’s a real office or that the address is in a professional office building. Select a company that provides a real professional office building address in a major city, in a business district and on a street that will make your business stand out.

2.) Phone Number and Services:

Your virtual office is not complete unless it has a phone service that actually works with the image. This all starts with having a phone number that has an area code that correlates with the address you’re being provided. Think about it, if you have a virtual office address in midtown Manhattan and you have an area code in Florida, well you get the idea. Therefore, the next important thing to look out for is what kind of add-ons can you get with your new local number, such as voice mail, voice mail forwarding, voice message notification, etc. These are all important aspects of running your virtual office space and should be number 2 or 3 on your list.

3.) Meeting Rooms on Location

You will only get this type of service from top and well established virtual office providers, not mailbox services. On some occasions you’ll have to meet a client at your virtual office location. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to have a meeting room at your virtual office location? This is a must have and you need to make sure when selecting your virtual office service that this option is available.

There are additional features to look for when selecting a virtual office. The key is to find a virtual office service that provides the features you need that will give you the business credibility you deserve.

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