Can My Small – Out of State – Business Benefit from a NY Virtual Office?

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Let’s say the you live in Rapid City, South Dakota, and you sell motorcycle accessories and apparel online; you work from home and ship your products to customers all throughout the country using a drop-ship service. All transactions are done online and you fill all your orders from the comfort of your home office while in your cut-off sweats and fuzzy slippers.

But now, you’ve been thinking about expanding into even larger markets, maybe even go international.

How can you do that, instantly, while maintaining a professional business image? By opening a NY virtual office! You can go from a Rapid City based home business to having a business presence in a major metropolitan area instantly, for example: New York! Your company now has 2 business locations!

Opening a virtual officein a major metropolitan area like New York can also make your company instantly open up to major markets, not only in the US but throughout the World.

Your clients can send payments, orders and correspondence to your new New York virtual office. We know you aren’t going to sell defective merchandise, but there may be the occasional damaged one. Your clients can return those items to your virtual office via mail or in person. Your virtual office can then ship them directly to you in accordance with your preferences. Our office is an extension of yours.

Need local fax and phone numbers to complete your NY business presence? No problem! We can get them setup for you in a few hours. You can have a live operator answer your calls, a machine answer your calls (voicemail) or we can even transfer your New York phone calls to you in Rapid City. You can even receive your 212 New York faxes right in your email inbox.

Need to meet with a client or vendor in New York? No problem. You can rent space to meet with clients on an as-needed basis. You can even have your breakfast or lunch meeting catered in the office.

Need a local hotel or restaurant recommendation? We can help you with ideas! Our knowledgeable New York based staff is at your service. Our offices are located in a neighborhood that is chock-full of first class hotels, chain hotels, and wonderful boutique hotels. Our neighborhood’s Michelin Stars sparkle amongst restaurants boasting top chefs, television chefs, and world renown chefs like Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio and Danny Meyer just to name a few.

See how easy it is to open a NY virtual office… Keep doing what you are doing in Rapid City while we at VH International Business Solutions handle your New York business presence.

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