Manhattan Virtual Office Testimonials

Our 22+ years of service add up to strength…experience…reliability…

Offering unbeatable service to individuals, small and mid sized local companies; as well as larger domestic and international firms seeking to establish a presence in the U.S., and particularly in the New York market. As the pioneer of offering Virtual Office services online in New York City, we are the leader and have the most expertise of working with local and global businesses when entering the New York marketplace.

While others emphasize services, we emphasize service. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some excerpts from actual client emails:

August 9, 2012:
“Thank you for your fast response. You are the best!!”
-Virtual Office client from Fisher Island, Florida

July 29, 2012:
“Thank you. I am very impressed with your company’s speed and
-Virtual Office client from San Antonio, Texas

July 9, 2012:
“I would like to thank you folks for the fantastic service that we have received so far. The mail all gets on time and things are very good.”
-Virtual Office client from Ladue, Missouri

June 21, 2012:
“You are awesome!”
-Virtual Office client from Cherry Hills, Colorado

May 25, 2012:
” I want to thank you so much for years of great service.”
-Virtual Office client from Beverly Hills, California

March 27, 2012:
“Thank you again for your great service.”
-Virtual Office client from Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

March 22, 2012:
“Excellent, I really like the result. Thanks!” (referring to our
professional greeting recording service)
-Virtual Office client from São Paulo, Brazil

March 6, 2012:
“I am loving this service And have already referred you to two friends. You guys are awesome.”
Virtual Office client from Nassau County, New York

February 29, 2012:
“This is excellent.” (referring to our professional greeting recording service)
Virtual Office client from Stockholm, Sweden

February 3, 2012:
“…This is what I expected. Thank you very much! Great service!”
-Virtual Office client from Klagenfurt, Austria

January 6, 2012:
“…Thanks again for the year! [Account instructions removed] Your
service is outstanding, a smart price and I will be renewing shortly…”
-Virtual Office client from Morristown, NJ

-September 16, 2011:
“U guys r great! Thx! Sent from my iPhone”
-Virtual Office client from Palm Beach, FL

-August 19, 2011:
“Thank you so much! I picked up my stuff at the office this afternoon. You guys saved me!”
-Virtual Office client from New Haven, CT

-August 9, 2011:
“I made my mail pick up today and everything was laid out and
ready when I arrived. Thank you. It was my first visit to the office and I look forward to future visits when I return to New York.”
-Virtual Office client from Salzburg, Austria

-July 25, 2011:
“Thank you again for all your service and help. [Account instructions removed]….Again, I thank you for all the service and help your company has provided.”
-Virtual office client from Bogotá, Colombia

-February 14, 2011:
“Thank you for your response, it is most helpful! I really enjoy working with your company.”
-Virtual office client from Los Angeles, CA

-December 11, 2010:
“That is what Mr. Gerber did, for $300 a year, from, which forwards mail from a
recognizable address. He says it saved him $100,000 in rent and
gave Sizzle It the credibility it needed to start attracting clients that now include Procter & Gamble and the Gap. He does most of his
actual work at home and in coffee shops and shared work spaces.”
Virtual office client quoted in a New York Times article regarding VH International Business Solutions’ services.

-November 19, 2010:
“I had voice mail with you in the past and was very pleased. I’m
interested in the virtual office services for my company…”
-Virtual office client from Washington, DC

-October 28, 2010
“Thanks, you are great!”
-Virtual office client from Noerresundby, Denmark

September 14, 2010:
“Thank you for your courtesy and attentiveness.”
-Virtual office client from Fairfax, VA

September 13, 2010:
“You really are amazing! I’ll give you that in all my time in NYC, I’ve never had anyone do business the way you do. Thank you for your
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

September 10, 2010:
“Thanks for info, appreciate your reliable “reply-culture” a lot,
wish you a nice weekend”
-Virtual office client from Vienna, Austria

July 30, 2010
“Thanks! Great service — as usual!”
-Virtual office client from Riga, Latvia

July 25, 2010
“Mail pick up went smoothly. Thank you for your kind and always
reliable service.”
-Virtual office client from Munich, Germany

July 8, 2010:
“Thank you so much for your always quick response! I really
appreciate it.”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

June 16, 2010
“Thanks for your wonderful support.”
-Virtual office client Military, Overseas APO/FPO

May 11, 2010
“We will not be renewing, but the virtual office served its purpose- we have recently opened a real office in Manhattan, and no longer need the virtual office service. We thank you for your service, and
appreciate the role it played in the growth of our company.”
-Virtual office client from Chappaqua, NY

April 28, 2010:
“I want to thank you for the outstanding service that I have received
from you over the past year”
-Virtual office client from Aix en Provence, France

March 16, 2010:
“I would like to say working with your organization has been nothing
but pleasant. The office space was clean, comfortable & convenient.
The pricing for your overall packages are the best and your staff are
extremely friendly and responsive. Thank you for being a pleasure to
work with this past year. All the best”
-Virtual office client from Pomona, NY

March 3, 2010:
“…Thank you for the prompt reply and the peace of mind…As always,
thank you for your great service.”
-Virtual office client from Holyoke, MA

January 20, 2010:
“Per your recent reminder, I am sending funds to replenish my mail
forwarding account. Thank you for your continued excellent service.”
-Virtual office client from Vaduz, Liechtenstein

December 21, 2009:
“Dear VHI, just a short note of appreciation to everyone at
VHI for your excellent client service throughout the year. Thanks and
all the best.”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

December 16, 2009:
“Thank you very much for your assistance. It was exactly what I
-Virtual office client from Dallas, TX

November 4, 2009:
“I didn’t think to express how my company name would be
pronounced in English. The recording is pronunciation perfect!
Thank you very much. ”
-Virtual office client from Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

October 26, 2009:
“They are my managers in New York. It allows me to spend quality”
time with clients without the distractions of a restaurant, hotel or
other facility.”
Virtual office client quoted in NY Daily News story regarding VH
International Business Solutions’ services

October 26, 2009:
“”They enable me to be very supportive of each client’s needs. I can
rent a larger room to assist for tax audit matters, or a smaller, more intimate, private room to review a will or an estate. It makes it an exceptional value relationship for me and my clients, and I don’t have to charge to cover for an unreasonable expensive infrastructure.”
-Virtual office client quoted in NY Daily News story regarding VH
International Business Solutions’ services.

October 13, 2009:
“thank you so much. your services is really perfect.i am always happy
to receive a big envelope from you in my parsian letterbox….”
-Virtual office client from Paris, France

September 18, 2009:
“This is wonderful, thank you so much. You have a great weekend
-Virtual office client from White Plains, NY

September 10, 2009:
“YOU REMEMBERED…..YAHOO!!!! THAT REQUEST WAS FROM SO LONG AGO. YES THANKS …(account instructions removed)… I will be very grateful – awesome customer service! Many thanks. Much
-Virtual office client from Toronto, Canada

September 2, 2009:
“Thanks so much for all of your help.”
-Virtual office client from Seattle, WA

August 31, 2009:
“Just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for the story you
included in your blog about my big move, pretty cool!”
-Virtual office client from Brooklyn, NY

August 3, 2009:
“First of all I would like very much thank you for your quick service ! …”
-Virtual office client from Pomorskie, Poland

June 16, 2009:
“Thank you for your hospitality.”
-Virtual office client from Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom

May 20, 2009:
“As always, thank you for your great client service.”
-Virtual office client from Timisoara, Romania

May 14, 2009:
“Hello, My important meeting cancelled on me last second for tomorrow. I would like to cancel the time. We all appreciate all your
time and efforts. VH is great.”
-Virtual office client from Pomona, NY

May 6, 2009:
“Thanks so much guys!
As always, you are the *very* best. =) I know I’ve said it before, but I really do appreciate your help. And, thanks so much for the kind wishes.”
-Virtual office client from Toronto, Canada

May 5, 2009:
“Dear Customer Service, thanks for your help. The phone and fax
setup is excellent. Thanks again.
-Virtual office client from Bronx, NY

April 21, 2009:
“Hi Guys, Thank you *so* much! I really really appreciate you helping me out on this…………Rest assured, I will be loyal to you forever and will keep sending new people to your service………Thanks again!”
-Virtual office client from Toronto, Canada

March 24, 2009:
“Thank you very, very much! This is really great! Much appreciated! Great!”
-Virtual office client from Georgetown, Grand Cayman

February 3, 2009:
“As you know I’ve been using the meeting room quite often lately…
Tax time is the busiest time of year for my practice. I will see you
again tomorrow, but wanted to send a quick thank you note for (staff
name removed)’s help with my meetings. It has truly been a care-
free experience, considering my clients never seem to show up
when they are scheduled to. Thanks for your patience and
understanding. Thanks a million for making me look like a million!”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

February 2, 2009:
“Thank you so much for expediting the (documents). Time was of the
essence and I received it right on time for a critical meeting.”
-Virtual office client from Melbourne, Australia

January 20, 2009:
“Thank you for your great service to my Company. Good Weekend to
you and Happy 19th Celebrating year for your Company”
-Virtual office client from Veneto, Italy

January 30, 2009:
“Thanks for your invaluable assistance. Sincerely appreciated.”
-Virtual office client from Bronx, NY

January 22, 2009:
“Thank you VERY much for your kind assistance.”
-Virtual office client from Abu Dhabi, UAE

December 9, 2008:
“Thanks for the quick reply and excellent service. I have renewed the
contract for three more months. ”
-Virtual office client from Edison, NJ

December 4, 2008:
“My account should be expiring this month. I like your promptness
and service, I would like to extend….”
-Virtual office client from Edison, NJ

December 1, 2008:
“As an attorney just starting out on my own, this is exactly what I
needed. I was referred by an associate who has been using your
service for years. (Name removed) recommended me.”
-Virtual office client from Chicago, IL

November 24, 2008:
“Thanks for the great ‘virtual office’ service your company has
provided over many years.”
-Virtual office client from London, UK

November 7, 2008:
“…and I again wanted to mention how much I appreciate your staff
and prompt attention…”
-Virtual office client from Garden City, NY

October 17, 2008:
“VH Business Office Staff: Thank you all so very much for the
kindness and assistance we received at your meeting room Friday. I
must tell you how impressed we were with your courtesy and help. I
have been around New York City offices and office services for over
forty years, no one comes close to your willingness to assist,
especially in the hard task we were endeavoring to implement in
using your facility. As semi-retired and unable to operate a physical
office, I whole-heartedly recommend your Manhattan Office Service
and commend the staff to the owners of VH International. Once
again, much appreciation and thanks”
-Virtual office client from East Orange, NJ

October 14, 2008:
“Also, there will be a shipment to your office via USPS from (name
removed) which is a “coffee break” gift to the staff for your kind
assistances. This is for yours. Thank you so much again for your kind
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

October 1, 2008:
“Many thanks for such superior service.”
-Virtual office client from Glendale, CA

September 19, 2008:
“Once again thank you for moving so quickly on this. We are
extremely appreciative and will recommend you guys highly.”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

September 3, 2008:
“Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all your very kind and
attentive assistance. You are the best!”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

August 21, 2008:
“Thank you very much for your help. The attention to all the little
details was absolutely fabulous. (Staff name removed) is really
-Virtual office client from Brooklyn, NY

August 6, 2008:
“Many many many thanks….”
-Virtual office client from Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

August 5, 2008:
“Thank you for your respsonse. I appreciate it. … Thanks again and I look forwrd to working with VH Intl Bus.”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

August 4, 2008:
“Thanks a lot for your instant response. I’m very happy with your great service!”
-Virtual office client from Los Angeles, CA

August 1, 2008:
“Thank you!”
-Virtual office client from Cherry Hill, NJ

July 29, 2008:
“I had a meeting at the office yesterday. I want to say thank you. It was very successful. I hope to be back in the fall to see you again.”
-Virtual office client from Cordoba, Argentina

July 22, 2008:
“That is exactly what I needed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
-Virtual office client from Praha, Czech Republic

July 19, 2008:
“Thank you very much for your assistance and patience.”
-Virtual office client from Kfar Saba, Israel

July 11, 2008:
“Thanks. Your the best!”
-Virtual office client from Chambly, Canada

July 8, 2008:
“I wanted to thank you for your support over the past couple of years – we appreciated the good service your provided us and will gladly recommend you.”
-Virtual office client from Courtice, Canada

July 7, 2008:
“Thank you! Everything was perfect. Loved the cookies”
-Virtual office client from Bronx, NY

July 2, 2008:
“You are the best! Thank you very much. Have a great July 4th
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

July 1, 2008:
“Thank you for your consistently prompt and professional service.”
-Virtual office client from Menton, France

June 30, 2008:
“You are Great………… Thank You.”
-Virtual office client from Marrakech, Morocco

June 27, 2008:
“Thank you very much. We find your team to be very professional.
Have a great weekend!”
-Virtual office client from Naperville, IL

June 26, 2008:
“Hello, Thank you for getting back to me promptly and for providing
all information requested. Everything arrived in time. I just sent in the renewal form for 3 years and look forward to your service in the future. Please keep up the good work!”
-Virtual office client from Budapest, Hungary

June 12, 2008:
“…I just renewed my account for another year. Thank you for helping me and my company. I appreciate your service…”
-Virtual office client from Munich, Germany

June 9, 2008:
“Just a note to express my gratitude for excellent service provide by
( Administrative Assistant) last week while I was using the office for the first time. The building architecture is beautifull, the inside in clean and confortable and the price is appropriate.”
-Virtual office client from Chambly, Canada

June 3, 2008:
“Thank you for a very quick reply.”
-Virtual office client from Athens, Greece

May 30, 2008:
“Thank you kindly”
-Virtual office client from Hampton Bays, NY

May 29, 2008:
“Thank you for your very prompt response.”
-Virtual office client from Greenwood Village, CO

May 27, 2008:
“I wasnt sure how to go about incorporating my biz in ny. thanks for
making it so easy and like a fortune less than my lawyer wanted to
charge for the paperwork”
-Virtual office client from Miami, Fl

May 20, 2008:
“Thanks again for giving (name removed) the umbrella today. Next
time I use the office lunch is on me.”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

May 15, 2008:
“Thank you very much for taking care of this for me today. I didnt
expect the turnaround to be so quick. thank you kindly.”
-Virtual office client from Brooklyn, NY

May 14, 2008:
“…Anyway, Thanks for being so accommodating…you people are
over the top professional…You almost make my company look too
good because people think i have like 900 staff people that are
working in that entire bldg….And, i’m just a one person show…
thanks…and thanks….”
-Virtual office client from Cherry Hill, NJ

May 12, 2008:
“Thank you very much.”
-Virtual office client from Philadelphia, PA

May 12, 2008:
“Thanks a million!”
-Virtual office client from Cherry Hill, NJ

May 9, 2008:
“Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

May 7, 2008:
“Thank you very much for doing this for me on today. I was very
surprised. I can already see that I will love your company… In
addition, I will order a private fax number within the next few weeks
and I will upgrade my plan to a yearly contract this summer. Thanks
again for your kindness!”
-Virtual office client from Naperville, IL

May 7, 2008:
“The message sounds great! Thank you.”
-Virtual office client from Garfield, NJ

May 6, 2008:
“Thank you so much…”
-Virtual office client from New Haven, CT

May 5, 2008:
“…Thanks a lot for the help…”
-Virtual office client from Cherry Hill, NJ

May 2, 2008:
“OK Great Thanks again”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

May 1, 2008:
“Thank you!”
-Virtual office client from Garfield, NJ

April 30, 2008:
“Thank you very much for your great customer service.”
-Virtual office client from Lenexa, KS

April 29, 2008:
“Thanks guys! As always, I appreciate your help. Have a good day”
-Virtual office client from Toronto, Canada

April 29, 2008:
“thank so much for contacting me! i was just going to email you and
then saw your email. thanks again.”
-Virtual office client from Bayonne, NJ

April 28, 2008:
“On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to let you know that I’ve already sent several referrals to you for people who wanted an NYC address. So, hopefully they signed up! You guys have been great to us so far, so I wanted to let you know we’re looking out for you too! And, since our target market is small/medium sized businesses, we talk to a lot of people who can benefit from what you offer.”
-Virtual office client from Toronto, Canada

April 28, 2008
“Thank you very much. I very much appreciate it – thanks once again
-Virtual office client from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

April 17, 2008:
“I just renewed my services. Please let me know if I need to do
anything else to keep the same excellent services.”
-Virtual office client from Bronx, NY

April 15, 2008:
“Thanks so much for today. I never thought I would be that late -good
old NJ transit! Thanks for taking care of (guest name removed) until I got there. Everything worked out great…”
-Virtual office client from Aberdeen, NJ

April 11, 2008:
“Thanks so much … ”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

April 11, 2008:
“Just one more thank you for the follow through and fast response.
Yet another reason why it’s an easy decision to remain a client!”
-Virtual office client from Timisoara, Romania

April 10, 2008:
“Excellent! And great follow up on your part, as usual…Many thanks
again …”
-Virtual office client from Timisoara, Romania

April 9, 2008:
“I sincerely thank you for your help.”
-Virtual office client from Tortola, British Virgin Islands

April 1, 2008:
“Thanks for everything today especially the cookies…Loved them! ”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY

March 31, 2008:
“…Anyway, thanks again for the great work. When that last mail batch came, I knew I had to go to the city and I was putting it off every day. Then, boom, it was sent by you and delivered so that was amazing……Thanks again…”
-Virtual office client from Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

March 26, 2008:
“You guys, as usual, are great! I just waited to drop a line to thank you for the prompt reply…Many thanks again!”
-Virtual office client from Bucharest, Romania

March 11, 2008:
“Many thanks for your quick action. I’m looking forward to do
business with your company.”
-Virtual office client from Germantown, MD, USA

February 12, 2008:
“Hello, Just wanted to drop a quick note. In today’s hectic world its
sometimes difficult to take a moment to acknowledge good service.
However, I have to give you guys kudos: My meeting was flawless.
The staff catered to all my needs. They were very attentive and
professional. Thank you Thank you Thank you! We’ll be seeing you
again soon.”
-Virtual office client from Stamford, CT, USA

January 06, 2008:
“…p.s. – I LOVE your service! Its really helping me grow the business! Thank you.”
-Virtual office client from Brooklyn, NY, USA

January 03, 2008:
“…thank you for quick reply.i am reaally satified by your service….. whishe the service in france would be the same…happy new year.”
-Virtual office client from Paris, France

December 20, 2007:
“thank you very much for reminding us regarding the mail-deposit…
Thank you very much upfront, I also would like to thank you for your
services and would like to wish you all at VH Intl. a peaceful
christmas and happy new year.”
-Virtual office client from Hessen, Germany

December 20, 2007:
“thank you so much for getting me the letter so quickly..thanks again
for all of your help. have a great holiday.”
-Virtual office client from Phuket, Thailand

December 07, 2007:
“…Thank you, you’re awesome!”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY, USA

November 30, 2007:
“Many thanks ! Fax was well received.”
-Virtual office client from Santorini, Greece

November 26, 2007:
“…Thank you very much!”
-Virtual office client from Ottawa, Canada

November 06, 2007:
“Thank you! You made my day. I received the fax.”
-Virtual office client from Oulu, Finland

October 27, 2007:
“Thank you very much!!! You are the best!!!”
-Virtual office client from Port of Spain, Trinidad

August 23, 2007:
“Thank you very much, you were very helpful.”
-Virtual office client from Kfar Saba, Israel

July 09, 2007:
“Thank you for the quick reply, it’s much appreciated.”
-Virtual office client from Vancouver, Canada

June 29, 2007:
“Thanks for the quick service. have a great weekend.”
-Virtual office client from Athens, Greece

May 31, 2007:
“Excellent. Many thanks for your help with this.”
-Virtual office client from Stockholm, Sweden

May 11, 2007:
“Many thanks for your prompt attention to this matter. We appreciate
the complimentary nature of this gesture.”
-Virtual office client from London, United Kingdom

April 20, 2007:
“Okay. Thanks. We love your fast customer service”
-Virtual office client from Schofield, WI, USA

April 17, 2007:
“I just wanted to say……………..To Whom it may concern,I am a new customer and I wanted to say that not only am impressed with your
services, but I plan to stay on for a very long time. I am getting my
faxes and my messages in a timely fashion and I wanted to say I
really appreciate it.”
-Virtual office client from Tampa, FL

April 12, 2007
“Thank you for being so nice…and again thank you for your kindness!”
-Virtual office client from Selma, AL, USA

April 02, 2007:
“Dear Customer Service, thanks for your help. Your excellent
customer service is deeply appreciated. I followed you advice and…
Thanks again”
-Virtual office client from Bronx, NY, USA

March 27, 2007:
“Thanks for everything today. That was great. You are great and my
meeting was great. Thanks again and I will be coming back next
week…thanks for being so accommodating today…Thanks, Thanks,
-Virtual office client from Jersey City, NY, USA

March 06, 2007:
“Thanks. That’s great! Really great!”
-Virtual office client from Tempe, AZ, USA

February 28, 2007:
“Thanks for that information…I always hold my meetings at Starbucks. You should see me dodge the questions on where I would meet people. You are my new saving graces. I an so grateful…”
-Virtual office client from Moonachie, NJ, USA

February 26, 2007:
“Thanks again for the great work. You have made me look great and
made my life so easy it is nuts…”
-Virtual office client from Astoria, NY, USA

February 09, 2007:
“You’ve provided great customer service and I wish you all the best.”
-Virtual office client from Toronto, Canada

January 24, 2007:
“Thank you!! You are AWESOME!!”
-Virtual office client from San Antonio, TX

December 19, 2006:
“Finally we see the light. It took us a very long time to find a company we can work with. We love the service you provide. We used to wait days for a response. We are amazed at the level of customer
service…Thanks so much.”
-Virtual office client from Kansas City, MO, USA

December 13, 2006:
“Thank you for your very nice reply.”
-Virtual office client from Singapore

December 05, 2006:
“We are amazed with the service.”
-Virtual office client from Madison, WI, USA

November 30, 2006:
“No that won’t be necessary. Just checking. Finally we found a
company that we can work with.”
-Virtual office client from Sedona, AZ, USA

November 20, 2006:
“Thanks very much for your explanations. That is very good!”
-Virtual office client from Montmerle Sur Saone, France

November 14, 2006:
-Virtual office client from Nes Ziyona, Israel

October 24, 2006:
“…I am so grateful for your work. Thanks again…
-Virtual office client from New York, NY, USA

October 10, 2006:
“thanks for the quick reply – understood completely..Many thanks.”
-Virtual office client from Mississauga, Canada

October 04, 2006:
“… – I really appreciate your proactiveness…many thanks!”
-Virtual office client from New South Wales, Australia

September 29, 2006:
“Thanks. I really appreciate the update! Have a great weekend!”
-Virtual office client from Louisville, CO, USA

October 04, 2006:
“…Thanks and we love the fact you are so great at your jobs. We have been able to work from jersey getting tons of work done and getting into a system, etc. That is thanks to not having to come to NY every week. Thanks again”
-Virtual office client from Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

September 26, 2006:
“thank you very much for your immediate reply and fast reaction on
that matter.”
-Virtual office client from Doha, Qatar

September 06, 2006:
“A lot thanks to for your help.”
-Virtual office client from Buxheim, Germany

August 23, 2006:
“Hi – many thanks for the account confirmation – that was painless…
will certainly recommend you folks!”
-Virtual office client from Winnipeg, Canada

August 23, 2006:
“Good morning, Your response to my email request was thorough,
concise and demonstrated your credibility. Much appreciate your
professionalism. As such I have decided to go ahead with your 6
month program. FYI – there we 3 other competing companies that I
researched/contacted and none responded as comprehensively or
quickly as you did…well done.”
-Virtual office client from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

August 09, 2006:
“Thank you for your fast reply. This is really a great service. Thanks a lot for your help.”
-Virtual office client from Hanover, NH, USA

May 22, 2006:
Thanks again, it is shell shocking that you would be so
accommodating considering the amount of blunders I had at the old
mail service place. I appreciate your help and effort in moving
everything to the city.”
-Virtual office client from Garden City, NY, USA

April 27, 2006:
“Hi, That was fast and great! I appreciate it..”
-Virtual office client from St. Petersburg, Russia

March 17, 2006:
“Thanks for the quite elucidative mail…Thanks and have a nice weekend.”
-Virtual office client from Lisboa, Portugal

March 11, 2006:
“Hi Thank you so much 🙂 I have attched my photo so you can put a
face to all the emails. hope your all well”
-Virtual office client from Rotherham, United Kingdom

January 08, 2006:
“Thank you very much for all the answers. I can see I am really going
to enjoy working with VH Business Solutions.”
-Virtual office client from Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

December 04, 2005:
-Virtual office client from Reykjavík, Iceland

November 28, 2005:
“Thank you! You are great. Quick!!!”
-Virtual office client from São Paulo, Brazil

August 04, 2005:
“Wow. You are a star!”
-Virtual office client from Den Haag, Netherlands

June 14, 2005:
“Your attention to detail is exactly what we needed for this project.
Thank you.”
-Virtual office client from New York, NY, USA

December 18, 2004:
“Thanks for -Client from Toronto, Canada the corporation process. It
was literally stress free! I never knew it could be that simple. I really thought there would be so much paperwork. You saved me hundreds of dollars. You should’ve seen the other quotes I received,
even from my own lawyer! Im so glad everything was processed on
time – and before the end of the year. Thank you.”
-Virtual office client from Manhasset, NY, USA

July 02, 2004:
“Wow. I wish someone would have told me sooner that this service
exists. It’s a lifesaver!”
-Virtual office client from Bismark, ND, USA

April 22, 2004:
“Thank you for your support during this tax season. The meeting room was exactly what I needed to meet with clients.”
-Virtual office client from Brooklyn Heights, NY, USA

April 7, 2004:
“¡Muchisimas Gracias!
-Virtual office client from Ponce, Puerto Rico”

Office Closed for Veteran’s Day 2012

Veteran's Day

Photo by sigsegv

Our offices will be closed Monday, November 12, 2012 in observance of the Federal Holiday of Veteran’s Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, November 13.

If you are in town for the day, there are many ways to celebrate the day in NYC. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Veteran’s Day Parade and Street Fair:

New York’s Veteran’s Day Parade is that largest of it’s kind in the nation – with over 20,000 participants and 600,000+ parade spectators. This year’s theme is “UNITED WE STAND”, reminding the public to stand behind America’s veterans, as well as reflecting one of the founding principles of our nation. This year’s featured service branch is the U.S. Coast Guard (all branches will participate). The Parade will mark the 150th anniversary of the Medal of Honor and the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. It will also be part of the ongoing Department of Defense Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.

The opening ceremony will start at 10 am right here in Madison Square Park at the Eternal Flame on Sunday, November 11. The parade commences at 11:25am on 23rd Street continuing north on Fifth Avenue up to 59th Street. The official reviewing stand is located at 41st Street in front of the New York Public Library. Bleachers are available next to the reviewing stand.

On Monday, November 12, 2012, the “Patriot’s Row” Street Fair will take place from 9am to 5pm on 53th Street between Madison & 6th Avenues.

For a full schedule of events, please visit:

Pictures from previous Veteran’s Day Parades taken right here on Fifth and 26th Street:

VH International Business Solutions Veterans Day Parade 2007 5 VH International Business Solutions Veterans Day Parade 2007 4

NYC Service:

Give thanks to our Veteran’s by sacrificing some of your time. NYC Service, run by the City of New York, knows that everyone has something to offer. They can assist you with using your time, passion, skills and willingness to help address New York’s most pressing needs – including victims of the recent Superstorm Sandy which devastated parts of the City and Tristate areas.

Ice Skating:

Ice skating in the City is a beloved seasonal tradition. Whether you are participating or watching, the only problem is which of our World famous rinks do you choose from?


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