Living Abroad and Stateside? A Virtual Office May Help You.

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Are you someone who lives at home 6-months out of the year, and spends the other 6-months at your vacation home, for example, in Costa Rica?

You can’t have your mail pile up at you doorstep while you’re away for six months and the post office won’t forward your mail overseas, so how do you make sure your mail is safe?

A virtual office just may be the solution for you!

You’ve probably heard the term ‘virtual office‘ before, but never considered it being a service that could help you while you were out of the States for several months!

Think about it, the fact is that many of your bills will keep coming and there are some organizations and companies that may need to write to you with important (at least in their eyes) information. If you travel overseas for lengthy periods often you’ll already know what a hassle it is catching up on everything when you return. There’s absolutely no need for it. We can receive your personal correspondence securely and forward it to you anywhere in the World!

You can also take advantage of a NYC telephone number and you’ll be able to retrieve any messages left for you on that number at a time convenient for you. Relatives and friends will be able to leave a message for you if they’re concerned or have urgent information to pass along.

Whether you are surfing at Playa Langosta, relaxing on the beach in the Peninsula Papagayo, or just sitting back taking in the fresh cool mountain air, you can rest assured that your personal presence and correspondence is in good hands at your virtual office!

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