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In the highly competitive business world that exists today you need every advantage that you can get. Given that we are living in harsh economic times, however, it’s important to find ways in which you can achieve that edge without going over your budget. There are a handful of cost effective things that will enable you to do this, but none of them puts forth the level of professionalism that having a virtual office does. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to portray a credible and professional image without breaking the bank, then a virtual office is the ideal option.

Mail Boxes vs. Virtual Offices: Not only is having a P.O. Box as your physical mailing address unprofessional, but it doesn’t provide you with a site at which to host meetings or business events. No one works out or from a mailbox, so why would you choose a simple mailbox disguised as a suite address if you could opt for all of the benefits that a true virtual office can provide for your company. Just imagine what would happen if a client were to walk into your so-called “office” only to discover that it’s merely a room packed full with mailboxes? Without a doubt, virtual offices will lend your business the respectability that it deserves, minus the high price tag of a leased office space.

Some Key Benefits of a Virtual Office: Having a virtual office will provide you with a prestigious physical mailing address, along with a facilities at which you can meet with important clients and hold business meetings with your staff. In addition, you will receive a receptionist that will greet your visitors with a smile and a local New York City telephone and fax number to further exemplify that professional image which is all too important to the continued success of your business. New York Virtual Service ( allows for you to portray the utmost in professionalism and have a superb mailing address for less than $1 a day. This means that even smaller companies who are just starting to establish their business presence, or those that don’t have as much wiggle room in their budgets, can have all the perks of leasing a costly office space without any of the drawbacks, such as the expense and staffing costs.

A virtual office gives you the rare chance to compete in the in sometimes harsh world of business, even if you may not have the funds to rent out a prestigious space in a high-end corporate building. Just think of it this way: takes on the operating costs commonly associated with leasing one of these reputable office spaces and passes on its many benefits to you for just one very low monthly cost!

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