Why Use a Virtual Office Service?

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Many people wonder how a virtual office can help their start-up business. Real life stories and first-hand accounts can be most helpful on shedding light on these issues.

We have posted numerous virtual office case studies online and always encourage our clients to share their success stories with us, which we, upon request, can post with anonymity.

Recently we received a letter from a client, below, noting how and why they are using our virtual office service.

We’ll let his own words speak for themselves:

“I used to work from home. I’m from the UK and first decided to rent a serviced office space in London.

It was amazing the difference it made to productivity at work simply because there were no distractions as there was at home.

I actually enjoy going out to work at my London office now and have noticed my business has increased in sales dramatically.

I then opened my Manhattan office with your company and became international. Next time I am in New York, I know I have the same facilities for working at your office as I have at my London location.

From working at home to having locations in two major business centers! I thoroughly recommend it!!”

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