It’s 2012: Work From Anywhere

It’s 2012! It’s time. You can do it! You can work from anywhere.

You no longer need to be strapped to a desk in an office via a grueling commute, paying tens of thousands on unnecessary overhead.

You know who you are! You’ve been thinking about breaking out of the traditional world.

You already have your smart phone, your mobile broadband, Skype and your trusty netbook. You can work from your home, your backyard, the beach or you may be a road warrior racking up millions of miles around the world. Why pay office rent?!

Ahhhhhhh…You need a physical presence: a place to receive mail; a receptionist to greet any visitors; a place to occasionally meet with clients; a brick and mortar presence to show your stability.

That’s where we come in. We are your office, we are your receptionist, we are your presence. We’ll be there to greet your guests, provide private meeting spaces and assist you during meetings, receive and forward your mail to you anywhere in the world. Our office, is your office.

You can work from anywhere, while we run the office for you – FOR LESS THAN $1 A DAY!

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