Clowns at the Macy’s Day Parade – 2011


Wondering about all those clowns at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Here’s everything you need to know!

Clowning glory awaits more than 800 Macy’s volunteers who are set to bring holiday hijinks to millions. On Thanksgiving Day, many a funny bone will be tickled as the 85th Anniversary Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® sends in the clowns.

It’s a crazy job, but these clowns are up to the challenge, when the parade’s gaggle of pranksters hit the pavement to bring silliness and merriment to the millions of spectators lining the streets of Manhattan. As the spectacle’s ambassadors of fun, Macy’s clowns are the only element of the procession that interact with spectators, but before Macy’s can entrust this whacky bunch to pump up the crowds, they must first earn those clown noses. For Macy’s, sidesplitting shenanigans is serious business and so a crash course on clowning around 101 is in order for trainees. Before they can be called a Macy’s parade clown, wannabe’s must pass muster with the resident experts of clown etiquette – the stars of the Big Apple Circus!

Under the big-top, Macy’s clown volunteers will learn a thing or two about the finer points of zany antics at Macy’s Clown U. The uproarious tutorial takes over the Big Apple Circus on Saturday, Nov. 12. Learning the art of the clown code, volunteers will get insider tips on presentation, movement, gags, pratfalls and other tricks of the clown trade. Once properly schooled, trainees will be ready for the fun on Thanksgiving Day. After graduating from clown school, Macy’s newly minted jokers will arrive on parade morning at 6 a.m. sharp to transform into their designated comic persona for the thrill of a lifetime. Finally set to put their silly skills to good use in the annual holiday tradition, the clowns will join 29 different troupes before they ride uptown on the funny bus to gather at Clown Corner. This wacky sidewalk is the place to be for those with a wish and a dream of bringing laughter and smiles to millions. At the call of Let’s Have a Parade™, the jesters will begin their starring role in the holiday extravaganza.

Following is a list of the clown units featured in the 85th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

Bananas & Palm Tree Clowns
Breakfast Clowns with Egg Trike
Birthday Party Clowns
Circus Clowns
Corny-Copia Clowns
Confetti “85th Anniversary” Clowns
Funny Farm & Hoedown Clowns
Funny Bone Medical Team
Funny Firefighter Brigade Clowns
Half-Baked Holiday Sweet Clowns
Hi! Roller Skating Clowns
Holiday Clowns
Jester Clowns
Keystone Cops & Robbers
Malt Shop Clowns
Nutty Crackers Ballet Clowns & Sugarplump Fairies
Nutty Professor Einsteins & Wacky Graduates
Pirate Plankster Clowns
Pool Hall Clowns
Pre-K Clowns
Rag Doll Clowns
Safari Clowns with Butterfly Kites & Nets
Santa’s Toy Box Clowns
Silly Seaside Clowns & Bathing Beauty
Sleepy Clowns
Springtime Clowns
Turkey Tech Football Gobblers
Western Clowns

Source & Photos: Macy’s


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