Can My Social Media Marketing Firm Benefit from a New York City Virtual Office?

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Let’s say the you live in Lexington Park, Maryland and you run a social media marketing firm. You work from your home office and serve other small businesses on the Web. Potential clients find you on the Internet and all client communications are done via phone, fax and online.

Now, you’ve been wanting to expand your business presence without having to leave the comfort of your own home. How can you grow your company? How can you expand your market? How can you attract clients in a new area? How can you do all that and do it instantly?

A New York City virtual office may just be the perfect solution for you and your firm! In a matter of a day, you can go from a local based home business in Lexington Park to having a business presence in a major metropolitan area instantly – for example: New York City! Your company now has 2 locations! Imagine how impressive a New York City office address would look on your website and business cards!

Opening a virtual office in another country can also make you an international company instantly and open up the market for you to sell your services everywhere.

Your clients can send payments, orders, contracts, and correspondence to your New York City virtual office – we’ll keep your mail safe and secure and forward it to you in Lexington Park in accordance with your predetermined forwarding schedule.

Need local fax and phone numbers to complete your New York City business presence? No problem! We can get them setup for you in a few hours. You can have either a live operator answer your calls, a machine answer your calls (voice mail) or we can even transfer your New York phone calls to you in Lexington Park. You can have your 212 Manhattan faxes go right into your email inbox.

Need to meet with a client or vendor in New York? No problem. You can rent a professional space to meet with clients on an as-needed-basis. You can even have your lunch or breakfast meeting catered in the office – everything professionally arranged by a full-time office staff.

Need a local hotel or restaurant recommendation? We can help you with ideas! Our knowledgeable staff is at your service. Our eclectic New York City neighborhood is chock-full of first class hotels, chain hotels, and wonderful boutique hotels. Our neighborhood’s Michelin Stars sparkle amongst restaurants boasting top chefs, television chefs, and world renown chefs.

If a client drops by unexpectedly, they will enter into a well-appointed office and greeted by a friendly receptionist who will inform your guest that you are, at the moment, out on appointments and offer to take a message on your behalf. This message, if one is left, will be promptly relayed to you via email so you may contact, at your leisure, your New York City office guest.

See how easy it is to open a virtual office… Keep doing what you are doing in Lexington Park and we at VH International Business Solutions will handle your New York City business presence.

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