New York City Virtual Office – A Solution for Jetsetters!

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Do you travel overseas frequently? Perhaps you’re planning an extended vacation. In either situation, receiving your personal and business mail and your telephone messages can be a problem. If you’re a consultant or you operate your own business, being incommunicado even for a couple of weeks can result in losing clients.

One creative solution is to open a New York City virtual office and let everyone know where you are – or are not, as the case may be!

As much as you might need that extended vacation, the fact is that many of your bills will keep coming and there are some organizations and companies that may need to write to you with important (at least in their eyes) information. If you travel overseas for lengthy periods often you’ll already know what a hassle it is catching up on everything when you return. There’s absolutely no need for it.

For as little as $25 a month you can have a prime New York City virtual office with a physical mailing address. If you’re a frequent traveller you’ll probably find that you’ll want to keep your virtual office long term! You can provide your New York City virtual office address as your mailing address and the staff at your office can promptly forward mail to the addresses you provide while you’re away.

You can also take advantage of a New York City telephone number and you’ll be able to retrieve any messages left for you on that number at a time convenient for you. Relatives and friends will be able to leave a message for you if they’re concerned or have urgent information to pass along. If you operate a consultancy and you want clients and prospective clients to be able to speak to a person and leave a detailed message for you, there’s a live answering service available.

Many hard working people decide that it’s just too difficult to take a decent vacation but they’re the very people who deserve one! Take your vacation and take the hassle out of receiving your mail and calls by opening a New York City virtual office.

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