Go Green with a NY Virtual Office!

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If you’re considering a NY virtual office you’ve probably already considered the many benefits that a virtual office can bring for your business and your lifestyle – but did you know that the environment can also benefit from your choice?

Traditional bricks and mortar offices use electricity all day – to run lights, computers, printers and copiers, facsimiles, security cameras and alarms, fridges, microwave ovens and coffee machines, hot water systems and any number of other appliances. Even outside business hours, many offices have night lighting and armed security systems that constantly use power.

Traveling to and from a traditional office building on a daily basis causes a further impact on the environment. If you drive you are contributing to air pollution and using up just a little bit more of the oil supply. If you have several employees, the environmental footprint of your business can be even larger.

Then there are the small things we don’t think much about – for example, if you or your employees purchase food in take-out containers at lunch time, or pick up a few cups of coffee in paper cups during the day, you are adding to that massive global rubbish pile of take-out food containers.

At the other end of the scale the demand for bricks and mortar office space for an ever-increasing number of businesses contributes to the expansion of our concrete jungles and the consumption and manufacture of the materials used to build them.

When you have a NY virtual office you help the environment a little by:

  • not using electricity just to keep your office running;
  • not adding to the air pollution by commuting to and from your office;
  • not contributing to the demand for office space in our concrete jungle.

NY virtual offices make it possible for businesses to minimize their environmental impact with the use of shared facilities, office space and communications infrastructure.

If you’d like to have a great city business address and go green at the same time, use a NY virtual office!

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