Tap into the US Market with a New York City Virtual Office

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If your business is outside the US, consider tapping into the US market by setting up a virtual office in New York City. Starting at around US$25 a month you could have a business presence in one of the most vibrant and active cities in the world – without leaving home.

New York City virtual office service from VH International Business Solutions can:

  • Incorporate your business in the State of New York;
  • Receive mail at your New York City address and forward it promptly to your main address;
  • Arrange for local New York City telephone and/or fax numbers for your business;
  • Provide office space and facilities if you visit New York City;

Not many businesses can afford to set up a permanent office in New York City– but with a New York City virtual office, even the smallest of businesses can gain access to the big US market. It’s a clever and incredibly economical way to enter an overseas marketplace.

Our New York City virtual offices are much more than a prime business address – we have serviced offices with a professional reception area & meeting facilities at a prestigious New York City business address.

When you choose a New York City virtual office with us we become your office – and you can use our physical office address as your own on your business materials and website. Any walk in clients will be professionally greeted at reception and messages passed to you.

The question is, can your business afford not to have a business presence in NYC? Speak to us today and open your NYC virtual office tomorrow!

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