Step up from a Mailing Address to a New York City Serviced Office

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Is it time you stepped up into a serviced office in New York City? If you have a rented mailing address in the City but you run your business from outside New York, it might be because you long ago recognized the advantages of displaying a prestigious New York City address for your business.

It’s a tactic that some businesses use to boost credibility – but sometimes having a rented city mailing address can backfire. If prospective clients drop by your address and discover that your city address is merely a rented mailing address, it can raise doubts about the credibility of your business. There is a better solution that is almost as inexpensive – a serviced office.

A serviced office is much more than a mailing address. VH International Business Solutions provide serviced offices and New York City virtual offices at a prestigious address with the cost beginning at around $30 per month. Not only will you be able to place your new physical New York City address on your business cards, website and other promotional material, your New York City serviced office can also have the following advantages:

  • Clients who arrive at your New York City address will be greeted at a professional reception area, whether you are on the premises or not.
  • You can opt to have mail forwarded from your New York City office to another address for collection.
  • If you require a New York City telephone number, this can be arranged using our existing communications infrastructure. Calls can be forwarded to another number or you can opt to have a receptionist answer your calls and take messages.
  • Should you need physical office space, offices and meeting rooms on our premises are available to our serviced office clients for a small cost on a casual or regular basis – so you can arrange to meet clients or your employees at your New York City office.

A New York City serviced office has much more to offer than a rented mailing address. Speak to us today and you could be operating from your serviced office in New York City tomorrow.

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