I’m a CPA, Can a Virtual Office Help Me?

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In today’s business environment, you no longer need to lay out thousands in unnecessary start-up capital to rent a traditional office. A staffed physical virtual office may be just the solution for you accounting firm!

Our virtual office service offers you a physical office address, in a trendy and accessible neighborhood, to display on your website, business cards – use it as you would use any address. You can receive orders, documents, mail, client correspondence, payments, and any documents requiring a signature at our office. We can then forward your mail onto wherever you are in the world!

Wondering how a virtual office can work for your accounting firm? Here’s an actual example of a virtual office case study we did on Ken, a CPA from New York. The services he utilized from VH International Business Solutions were a New York virtual office business address and 212 Manhattan phone number with email notification, and meeting room usage.

Ken was a CPA employed by a major accounting firm in New York. His story is similar to a lot of our clients – he worked 9-5 at the accounting firm while running his own small tax advisory business on the side.

He never intended on starting his own firm, it sort of just happened. He first started doing taxes for his family-gratis. His family started recommending Ken to their friends allowing Ken to start pulling-in extra money on the side… Ken eventually got super busy, especially around tax time. After several years he decided it was time to open his own firm.

He didn’t want unnecessary high overhead costs since he was only busy during tax time. Ken also didn’t want to rent just a PO Box or basic mailbox service, so he decided that a NYC virtual office was the way to go. After researching several companies, he selected VH International Business Solutions to manage his New York business presence because of the Company’s experience and professionalism.

For starters, Ken subscribed to our business address rental (virtual office) and 212 Manhattan voice mail service.

With his virtual office up and running, Ken worked steadfastly on growing his small firm. Tax time referrals were great, but he knew he needed more than just seasonal work if his firm was to survive. In order to do that he needed steady year round work. The ideas of bookkeeping and payroll services were on his agenda, he knew that that would provide steady year-round income.

He started advertising his small firm using his NYC virtual office address and phone number provided by VH International Business Solutions; inquiries started to pour in bit by bit. Ken would usually visit his prospective clients at their place of business as this was their preference, but he knew that he could always rent the available meeting space on an as needed basis at his Manhattan virtual office.

Ken uses the meeting room regularly and often during tax time. For the past several years, especially from January through April, Ken is at the office so often it’s almost like he’s one of the staff. He meets with his tax clients in the office for consultations and to review all of their filing information. He comes prepared with his cup of coffee, laptop, the client’s records, details and collects their paperwork; Ken works on the actual filings in his home office.

If a client stops into the office without an appointment to drop off any paperwork, our receptionist accepts their documents. Ken arranges to pick these up during his meeting room visits.

He receives all his business correspondence, including payments, at his New York City virtual office; and depending on Ken’s schedule, we either hold his mail for pickup or forward it on a daily basis during his busy season and on a monthly basis during his down time.

Messages left on Ken’s 212 phone number with voice mail provided by VH International Business Solutions are forwarded to his email; he also receives a text message alerting him to check messages. He just advised us that starting in January 2010, he will be upgrading his phone service to include call forwarding. Hence, he can answer his incoming calls directly, all calls would be forwarded straight to his cell phone.

We are proud to have Ken and his CPA firm as one of our valued clients and we’re enjoying watching his firm grow!

Ken’s story is just one example of how a virtual office can work for an accountant. How can VH International Business Solutions help you?

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