Case Study: Suzanne, Her Consulting Business and a Manhattan Virtual Office

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Case Study: Suzanne
Type of Business: International Business Consultant
Location: Dubai, UAE; USA
Services: New York Virtual Office Business Address Rental, Mail Handling, Overseas Mail Forwarding, 212 Manhattan Phone with Email Forwarding of Messages

Suzanne is an international business consultant.  She was contracted over three years ago with an offer she couldn’t refuse by a company in Dubai. The only problem was that she would have to be in Dubai within the end of the month for a few months at first with the understanding that she would eventually have to relocate there for a contractual 3-year term.

Suzanne immediately started to work on her temporary move. She was overwhelmed with the necessary steps to take, knowing that she only had a couple of weeks to get her ducks in a row before her initial 3-month stint in Dubai.

Advised by her business associates, Suzanne turned to VH International Business Solutions for help. She opened a New York Virtual Office and a 212 New York phone number with email forwarding of incoming voice messages. Her initial instructions were to have her mail forwarded sporadically and on demand to Dubai during her temporary stay; then once a month after she made her 3-year relocation.

Having no time to get in touch with everyone on her contact list, Suzanne opted to have all of her mail forwarded to her new New York office address. She also hired a property manager to work on the sub-rental of her residence and moving her belongings into storage.

Within 6 weeks of opening her account, she emailed VH International Business Solutions’ customer service department to request to have her first batch of mail forwarded to her in Dubai. Knowing that there were many important documents having to do with her permanent relocation, she requested to have her first batch of mail forwarded via courier. To Suzanne’s delight, her package arrived safety and within a few days after leaving New York.

Suzanne’s 3-year project in Dubai is coming to an end – and she’s getting ready to move back to the States within a few months. She still gets her pack of mail from VH International Business Solutions once a month.

Suzanne is thrilled with the level of service received and still can’t believe how easy it was to manage her presence in the United States, while still being on the other side of the world.

Sadly, yet understandably, we’ll only have Suzanne as a virtual office client for just few more months after she moves back to the United States. It was a pleasure having her as a client and are equally excited to continually serve the additional 2 clients she has since referred to VH International Business Solutions.

Thank you Suzanne, and good luck.

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