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Let’s face it, a New York City office address is the most fashionable business address you can have. Don’t argue – New York City is so fabulous people write and sing about it and nearly everyone in the world has heard of it. It’s just the place to be – if you can afford the office space!

Office space in NYC has always been costly – a simple matter of supply and demand. For most business operators, having a New York office address seems out of reach – but we’ve been successfully solving that problem for business owners for 20 years now with our NYC virtual office services.

If you’d like a New York City office address and you can afford $25 a month you can stop dreaming and start putting your NYC address on your business cards now. Our business is located at a legitimate and prestigious New York address that you can use as your New York office address. But we do more than that – we offer you virtual office services too. Mail can be sent to your New York office and we’ll send it to you wherever you are in the world. We can arrange a New York telephone number for your business and you can collect your messages or even arrange for an operator to personally answer your New York number and take detailed messages. And if anyone turns up at your New York office address they won’t be disappointed – you might not be there but they’ll arrive to a professional reception area where they can leave a message for you or even drop off documents.

We can have your NYC office up and running within a day or two so you can start reaping the benefits of your fashionable New York address right away.

Call our NYC office today! Now, doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?

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