Give Your Home Based Business a Boost with a NYC Virtual Office

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Having a successful home based business is a truly wonderful experience and most home based business operators have no desire to move into office space at all – but the fact is that having an office address can give your business greater credibility and the illusion of being a more professional operation, and boost your turnover. Most home business operators could use a little of that!

The good news is that you can have it all. For less than $30 a month you can have a NYC virtual office at a fabulous street address that you’ll never have to go to. For a little extra you can have a NYC telephone number that will divert to the comfort of your home or a message service from which you can collect your messages when it suits you.

Imagine having a prestigious NYC office address, a NYC “presence” for your home based business – and still being able to slide out of bed just when you like, eat a leisurely breakfast then stroll into your home office dressed just as casually as you like. You’ll check for messages from your NYC office, then get to work!

You’ll be able to use your NYC business address on your cards and website, giving prospective clients an excellent impression.

If you have prospective clients in NYC you can even arrange to meet them at your office address! Simply book an office for the nominated time and set yourself up comfortably in there – your clients will be greeted at our reception area and escorted to your office. When you’re done, it’s back home to the casual clothes and flexible time schedule you’ve come to love!

Seriously, who’d want to work in an office full time when you can have a home based business and a NYC virtual office?

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