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It’s no secret that small business operators often try to make themselves look bigger. It’s a matter of survival really. Corporate clients are often reluctant to deal with a one person business, particularly one that appears to be run from home or purely online.

Many online and home based business operators have only a post office box at best – and this can raise doubt as to their credibility – no one works out of a box. Prospective clients who find your business online will often first look to see if you have a street address. If you don’t, it raises the concern in their mind that if you don’t do the right thing by them, you can ignore their communications and they have no means of getting hold of you. It’s enough to make them leave your site and search for competitors who do have a street address.

There’s no doubt about it – having a street address gives your business credibility.

Likewise, corporate folk can be reluctant to deal with a one-person business because there’s a perception that if you were successful, surely you’d be bigger!

If you don’t want to work from a professional office address or you simply can’t justify the expense of renting city office space, but you need the credibility of having an office address then a virtual office in a major city can be the perfect answer.

A NYC virtual office can give you the appearance and credibility of a larger business at a cost of less than $30 a month. And you can still work from home, wherever that may be! Your virtual office will forward mail and telephone messages to you.

If your business is based in the country – or even overseas – and you already have a street address, you can give your business a boost by adding a NYC office address.

When the cost of a virtual office for an entire month is about the same as one good meal, and it could improve your business turnover, it’s difficult to come up with a reason not to give it a go!

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