Go International With a Manhattan Virtual Office!

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Want to go international in 2010?

It’s easier than you think with a Manhattan virtual office!

Do you have big plans for your business? Of course you do! The Internet has made it easier than ever to market to a global audience so why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to expand your business? It’s a fabulous idea but many business operators have found that while they can reach prospective clients all over the world with their advertising, getting overseas clients to advance to the stage of placing an order is a different matter, particularly if you don’t have any overseas offices. Here are three of the main reasons for their reluctance:

1. People like to shop locally. This can apply to corporate clients as well as individuals.

2. When you’re ordering from an interstate or overseas business, there’s a nagging doubt that you’ll receive the product or service promptly. When you don’t have a street address people can relate to they can have difficulty forming an opinion on the size and professionalism of your business. When in doubt, they’ll revert to a local supplier.

3. Credibility – if the business is run predominantly online, is based overseas or interstate and has no street address displayed, it raises doubts as to whether it is a legitimate operation. At the very least it raises the concern that if you pay your money and your product or service doesn’t arrive there is no way of tracing the perpetrator.

Of course, setting up physical offices overseas is a major expense and one that is out of reach for the majority of business operators – but there is a viable alternative. A Manhattan virtual office is your answer. Starting from just $25 a month you can have a Manhattan office. You’ll be able to use the prestigious office address, and have mail sent to your Manhattan address and forwarded to you. You can even take advantage of a Manhattan phone number that diverts to your number or to a message service. Live call answering is also available for your overseas Manhattan office! And if you’re ever in the situation where you need to meet clients in Manhattan, you’ll be able to book office space to use at your physical Manhattan office address.

If you’re planning to go international, a Manhattan virtual office will get you off to a great start without costing you a fortune.

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