Manhattan Virtual Office: The Office You Have, When You Don’t Have an Office

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Would you like to have a 212 Manhattan phone number and a Manhattan corporate mailing address for your business? A Manhattan virtual office is the serviced executive office that you can have without the hassle of having to employ staff or rent office space. Not only can your 212 phone number be answered by a professional New York-based operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but you can advertise your prestigious New York address on your business cards as well.

Your virtual office operator can answer the phone on your behalf, put clients through to your voicemail and forward recorded messages via email if desired. Storing up to 30 messages a month, your voicemail service is certain have enough space to store vital messages even if you don’t check it every day. It’s an ideal solution for start-ups, remote corporate branches and road warriors, as it enables you to respond to your clients from literally anywhere.

Furthermore, if you do need to meet a client face-to-face, then you can simply arrange to rent a meeting room at your virtual office location in mid-town Manhattan. These meeting rooms are equipped with everything you’ll need to hold meetings, negotiations or presentations. The office staff can even arrange catering for mealtime meetings and car services for your VIP clients. Based in New York, your virtual office staff can also make recommendations for restaurant meetings/social events and help you to make the appropriate arrangements.

Almost all of your business’ standard office duties can be outsourced to a virtual office. It can provide you with copying/faxing services and mail handling services for letters, parcels and courier services. Regardless of whether you need your portfolio or documentation couriered across the city or marketing materials mailed out to your domestic and international clientele, the dedicated staff of your virtual office in Manhattan are more than capable of meeting the requirements of your business.

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