Thinking About Opening an Office in Manhattan, NYC?

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Technology is evolving by leaps and bounds, and there are no limits to what one could do with it. Today, you can choose to work from your home office and still have a physical office in New York. Sounds impossible? It isn’t, and even available to you at a very affordable cost.

We’re not just talking about a wall lined with mailboxes, a counter person and basic voicemail services either; It’s more than just a mailbox service.

VH International Business Solutions offers a premium office equipped with the latest in staffed executive office and virtual office services including meeting room space, private office, mail handling and forwarding, and phone and fax business telecommunications services, all managed by trained professionals and high tech software. It’s possible for you to be working from anywhere in the world and still have a full serviced NYC office address for your business.

Virtual offices are not only good news for home based entrepreneurs, but very beneficial for businesses and companies looking to cut-back on their high office costs. Companies can save on not only excessive overhead costs such as rent and related utilities, but there’s no such thing as having to deal with sick leaves, paid vacations etc. Companies will enjoy all the benefits of having a standard office such as reception, guest waiting areas and private conference rooms – a complete office without the costs.

All it takes is about a business day to establish your own New York office and begin client meetings the following day. You can have all the benefits of having a real office without any overhead worries.

You also have the perks of going international by establishing a virtual office in a major cosmopolitan city such as New York City; your correspondence is mailed to your virtual office and, no matter where you’re located, your mail is forwarded to you upon request or pre-established schedule.

You can also have a professional receptionist answer your business calls, in your company name and email you your messages, or, establish your own 212 phone number and have incoming calls transferred directly to your own number, wherever you are. You also have the flexibility of receiving your 212 faxes right into your email inbox.

Virtual offices are here to stay, becoming the office of the future, and thanks to VH International Business Solutions, they are much more cost effective and better than renting a place. Additionally, the right virtual office can not only be beneficial for your company but can also bring about a more professional aura to your home-based business. So if you are thinking of having an office in New York, surely consider New York’s premier virtual office provider with over 20 years experience – VH International Business Solutions.

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