Meatball Madness hosted by Giada De Laurentiis

Meatball Madness

The New York City Food and Wine Festival took place from October 8, 2009 through October 11, 2009 at various venues throughout the city, hosted by the Food Network and Travel and Leisure magazine and proceeds benefited the Food Bank for New York City and Share Our Strength. It’s the only festival in New York to bring together both legendary culinary icons from around the globe and America’s most beloved television chefs.

We here at VH International Business Solutions, Inc were sent 2- tickets to the Meatball Madness event hosted by Giada De Laurentiis by the New York City Wine and Food Festival Founder, South Beach Wine and Food Festival Founder, and Director of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Lee Brian Schrager.

Meatball Madness Ticket

Event Description:

“At its juiciest, spiciest best, the beloved morsel of goodness known as “meatball” can elevate the spirit and satisfy the soul. Crafting a true standout beauty requires plenty of know-how, not to mention a secret ingredient or two, some technique and perhaps a daring move. Giada De Laurentiis, herself no stranger to the art of successfully creating tonight’s featured dish, will host what could be the meatball blowout of the decade. The city’s greatest examples will go on display for your tasting pleasure. A great way to end the weekend, this gathering could kick off a hot new craze as meatball lovers enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to compare tastes, textures and sauces – and all to the festive sounds of traditional Italian music. A chef’s signature accompaniment will accent each meatball, turning the sampling plates into mini-masterpieces of sheer delight. And as with any food that packs a real punch in the flavor department, only the boldest – dare we say most audacious – wines will do. Expect to sip some of the best as you indulge, indulge, indulge.”

Grocery coupons are always available for ingredients.

Participating Restaurants and Chefs:

A couple represented VH International Business Solutions, Inc. at the event. Here’s their account:

“We arrived at “la.venue” at 6:50 pm and found a block-long line full of people eager to start one of the last events of the New York Food & Wine Festival 2009. The doors opened on time and we ran in to start tasting some of the most amazing meatballs I have ever had in my life.

La.venue is a restored 1800 square feet event space at The Terminal Stores in Chelsea Built in 1891. The space was filled with food, wines, beer and desserts offered by different restaurants from all over the city. Regional authentic Italian music was playing live by three gentlemen while the guests walked from one corner of the space to the other going from one great meatball to another. There were judges tasting the food and writing notes and photographers blinding poor Ms. De Laurentiis with a million flashes.

There were many Food Network personalities serving their own versions of meatballs. We spoke with Anne Burrell from Food Network’s “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef”, Mama DiSpirito and Rocco DiSpirito, Cesare Casella from Salumeria Rosi, Amanda Freitag from The Harrison, John DeLucie from The Waverly Inn and Alex Guarneschelli from Butter.

Our favorites were Mama DiSpirito’s Famous Meatball and Felidia’s Fortunato Nicotra’s Meatball Pâté.

Judges Frank Bruni, Gail Simmons and Jeffrey Steingarten awarded Andrew Carmellini from Locanda Verde a $5,000 gift from Pat La Frieda meat purveyors for his meatball.

We finished the night with some great Sicilian cannolis from Ferrara Bakery & Café handed personally by Ernest Lepore and crawled back home with a full stomach.”

The Band (3) The Band (2) The Band

Rocco DiSpirito interview Rocco DiSpirito being interviewed Rocco DiSpirito and Meatball Lover

Rocco DiSpirito Palm Beer Not Meatballs

Nicolina Mama DiSpirito and Meatball Lover Meatballs Meatball Lovers

Meatball lover and John DeLucie from The Waverly Inn Illy Espresso Table with Giada De Laurentiis Illy Espresso Table (2)

Illy Espresso Table Giada De Laurentiis Abstract Portrait Giada De Laurentiis (3)

Giada De Laurentiis (2) Giada De Laurentiis Ferrara Pastries

Diet Coke Chef Cesare Casella's Table from Salumeria Rosi Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli of Butter

Bill Telepan from Telepan Restaurant Barilla America Corporate Chef Lorenzo Boni, Barilla USA Chef Assistant Yury Krasilovsky, Chef Edmondo Sarti of Pasta Pomodoro Amanda Freitag from The Harrison

Anne Burrell from Food Networks Secrets of a Restaurant Chef Anne Burrell Food Networks Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (2) Anne Burrell Food Networks Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

Acqua Panna and Pellegrino Table Acqua Panna

Hungry? Feel like you’ve missed out? Never fear: The culinary delight will continue next year! Make sure you save the date for the 2010 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival, October 7-10, 2010. Stay tuned into the excitement all year long by following Festival founder and director Lee Schrager on Twitter.

A super huge “THANK YOU” to Lee Schrager for the tickets!!!

Official Event Pictures

About the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival:
The 2009 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival is produced by Karlitz & Company and Southern Wine & Spirits of New York. Southern Wine & Spirits of New York is also the exclusive provider of wine and spirits at the Festival. Hosted by and benefiting the Food Bank For New York City and Share Our Strength(R), 100 percent of the Festival’s net proceeds go toward helping these community based organizations fight hunger.

About the Food Bank for New York City:
Food Bank For New York City recognizes 26 years as the city’s major hunger-relief organization working to end food poverty throughout the five boroughs. Through its citywide network of approximately 1,000 food assistance programs, the Food Bank helps provide 300,000 free meals a day to New Yorkers in need. The Food Bank further mobilizes its efforts through direct services, food stamp access, research and policy initiatives, nutrition education and free tax assistance for low-income New Yorkers. Every dollar donated to the Food Bank helps provide five meals to New Yorkers in need. Learn how you can help at

About Share Our Strength:
Share Our Strength(R) is the leading national organization working to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry. By weaving together a net of community groups, activists and food programs, Share Our Strength catches children at risk of hunger and ensures they have nutritious food where they live, learn and play. Working closely with the culinary industry, Share Our Strength creates engaging, pioneering programs like Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation(R), the nation’s premier culinary benefit; Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale(R), a national grassroots effort; Share Our Strength’s A Tasteful Pursuit(R), a touring dinner series; Share Our Strength’s Great American Dine Out( )(R), a week-long program involving thousands of restaurants nationwide; and Share Our Strength’s Operation Frontline(R), a cooking-based nutrition education program. Visit to learn more about our goal of ending childhood hunger in America by 2015.

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