Ending Soon: Office Address, Phone, and Fax only $25 per month

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Photo: Our Neighborhood – Flatiron District, Manhattan

Still wondering how a New York Virtual office can help your business grow?

Wonder no longer…We are running an unbeatable trial offer during October 2009 – and it’s only available through October 31, 2009.

For the absolute best deal in Manhattan you’ll receive a physical New York Office Address in Midtown Manhattan with a 212 dedicated phone number and 212 dedicated fax number at an unbeatable and incomparable introductory rate of only $25 per month, for 2-months of service.

Special offer of $25 per month includes:

  • New York City Business Address
    Physical Manhattan Office address with reception and meeting facilities. Mail handling privileges including mail forwarding/pickup and meeting room available if required.
  • 212 Manhattan Phone Number
    You will receive an exclusive dedicated 212 direct dial 24 hour phone number with voice mail. You can record up to a 2-minute outgoing greeting for your callers to listen to before they leave you up to a 3-minute long message. You can store 30 played or unplayed messages in your voice mailbox for up to 30 days. To retrieve messages, simply dial into your 212 phone number, enter your passcode, and listen to your messages. (Optional email delivery of messages is available for a one time setup of $10.)
  • 212 Manhattan Fax Number
    You will receive an exclusive dedicated 212 direct dial 24 hour fax number to receive faxes. You can store up to 30 faxes at one time. To retrieve the faxes, simply dial your fax number from any fax machine, enter your passcode, and follow the prompts to receive your faxes. (Optional email delivery of faxes is available for a one time setup of $10.)

To apply for this offer, simply click here to visit our website and access the online application.

Let VH International Business Solutions help your company establish a complete business presence in NYC today!

And for all the fun caveats: Offer valid for new approved clients only. Offer may not be combined with any other offer. Applicants must order and have their completed applications approved prior to October 31, 2009. After the 2-months are up, you can opt to not renew all services or fax or phone service. Address renewal rates revert to standard published rates. Current rates for renewal are from $25-$60 per month for the address rental, $10 flat per month for the 212 phone number, and $10 flat per month for the 212 fax numbers. If you select to add on email delivery of messages, the phone messages come as .wav files and the fax comes as .pdf files. You can select to have your mail forwarded daily, weekly or monthly. Service charge of $00.50ยข per piece plus postage. Mail pickup is available by appointment and is a flat $3 per pickup. Meeting space available at $15 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. An initial $25 deposit required for any account activity costs, for example, mail forwarding costs. Account setup takes just one business day from receipt of your completed application.

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