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Are you a small business person working from home? Do you work remotely from your corporate headquarters? Are you working in your pajamas? Do you telecommute?

If you have yet to open your virtual office and/or wondering how one can help you, keep in mind that having a full service virtual office allows you to work from virtually anywhere. The only thing virtual about our office is that you are not, nor necessarily have to be, physically located at the office to effectively do your work. You can work from anywhere while we run the office for you.

Are you ready to utilize the benefits of a brick and mortar office without the overhead or headaches?

Opening your business presence in New York City couldn’t be easier. You are issued a physical office address (not a mailbox or a fake suite number) with on-site reception and meeting facilities directly on Broadway in Midtown Manhattan’s trendy Flatiron District.

With our virtual office service, you can literally run your business from anywhere in the World and still have a fully operational, fully staffed office in New York. Your business will have a physical office address in an actual Corporate Office Business Center – not an obscure PO Box or made-up suite number in a simple mailbox, mail-handling operation. Hence, if one of your clients happens to show up at our office, they will be greeted by a receptionist in a pleasant and professional workplace in the trendy Flatiron District on Broadway! Yup, Broadway… The Great White Way! Having a physical New York City office address can help bolster your business image. Everyone knows Broadway… It’s a World renown NYC thoroughfare!

Our offices are located on a mid-level floor in a high rise office building designed by a renowned architect. We are across the street from Madison Square Park with its notable surrounding architecture as well as brilliant sunlight from the broad expanse of the area which is also home to such architectural highlights as the World renowned Flatiron Building, the Metropolitan Life and New York Life buildings and the exquisite New York State Appellate Courthouse – as well as multiple foodie hot spots by renowned top chefs.

If you need to physically meet with your clients, we will be ready for you! With meeting space located directly at your virtual office address (keep in mind that you may be using the address virtually, but it’s a full fledged brick and mortar operation!). The meeting space is equipped with a computer workstation with all the latest software and a nice big flat screen monitor; wifi internet connection, so you can connect directly with your laptop, internet phone, or other wireless device; a contemporary conference table with black leather seating for 5; a 4′ x 6′ whiteboard, with a colorful variety of markers and eraser; easel with a pad – you can use the easel for your presentation or use the Post-it brand easel pad with plethora of presentation markers; stereo speakers and an 84″ x 84″ projection screen. Have your presentation on your laptop? Then we have a state of the art projector available for you to project on our 9′ x 9′ screen. All of the artwork in our facilities are by a World renowned artist. You’ve seen his work!

While in the office, you will have a knowledgeable administrative assistant assigned to your meeting to assist with administrative support, supplies, technical help, digital projector setup, printing, copying, water service, catering, lunch recommendations, car service, transportation bookings, etc. Just like in any fully functional and staffed office.

Work from home, work from the beach, work from your campsite, work on the other side of the world, work in your pajamas, work from anywhere – we’ll run the office for you.

VH International Business Solutions has been doing this since 1990, so rest assured, you and your business will be well taken care of.

Open your office on Broadway today! You can be up and running within a business day of sending your completed application.

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