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Do you work from home? Do you have a home office?

Do you use your home address on your website’s contact page, on promotional materials, business cards, letterheads… for all the world to see? Do you want people showing up unannounced at your home’s doorstep?

If you don’t want your business associates or clients showing up at your home, you may want to consider using a virtual office service from an executive office center.

There are several distinct benefits that a virtual office service can directly offer a professional working from home.

An executive office center can provide you with a professional physical office address. A brick and mortar presence in a professional environment will add credibility to you and your business; you can be working in a small town or a remote village and still have access to a prestigious business address in a world renowned City on a famous Avenue, such as New York City’s Broadway.

But while shopping around for the right NYC virtual office service, be very aware, make sure you are getting an actual physical office address and not just a mailbox service which only provide you with a faux suite address. You don’t want just a mailbox service, unless you plan to or expect your clients to believe you’re working out of a small mailbox; you want an actual professional office.

With our service, you don’t even need to travel into the City to setup services. You can conveniently setup services right online via our website at Any mail received on your behalf can be forwarded to you, wherever you are or you can opt to pickup your mail. If someone stops into your office, they will find a professionally staffed office. Your visitor will be greeted in our well appointed reception area, on your behalf, and the receptionist will offer to take a message for you… you’ll receive notification of the visit via email.

You can also add local phone and fax service if required. We also provide phone services that will actually blindly transfer the calls to you, for you to answer anywhere.

So sit back, relax in your robe and slippers while working from home… we’ll run the office for you!

Apply today, your staffed office is here and ready to serve you you!

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