Who Uses a Virtual Office?

Broadway Virtual Office

A virtual office can just about help any person, from accountants to authors, electricians to engineers, lawyers to lighting technicians – it’s a service that can benefit almost anyone who needs a business address in a professional office environment.

VH International Business Solutions, Inc. can assist you with opening your own prestigious New York office address in Manhattan – the business center of the World.

We’ve helped professionals from around New York, throughout the United States, and around the World establish their business presence in New York. By opening a virtual office with a physical office address (not just a mailbox disguised as a physical office), clients can establish a satellite office in Manhattan without ever having to step away from their home base.

Have you wondered if a virtual office can assist your type of business?

Here’s an sample list of the thousands of professionals, specialties and company types that we have served and helped succeed since 1990:

Agents, Chefs, Head Hunters, Network Technicians, Statisticians, Advertisers, Recreational Vehicle Club, Caterers, Handbag Designers, Network Security Engineers, Sport Scholarship Recruiters, Actresses, Flight Attendants, Network Analysts, Software developers, Auditors, Clothing Importers, Engineers, Illustrators, Logo Designers, Record Companies, Tax Attorneys, Builders, Consultants, Film Editors, iPhone Application Developers, Mechanics, Nutritionists, Safety Inspectors, Travel Agents, Actors, Case Workers, Graphic Artists, Network Managers, Speculators, Advocates, Celebrities, Handymen, Network Specialists, Staffing Companies, Accountants, Cartographer, Floral Designers, Network Engineers, Software Engineers, Apartment Rental Services, Choreographers, Healthcare Professionals, Notary Publics, Surveyors, Analysts, Children’s Apparel Designers, Health Inspectors, Non-Profit Foundations, Stenographers, Counselors, Landscape Architects, Models, Party Planners, Singers, Violinists, Economists, Legal Secretaries, Musicians, Property Managers, Yoga Instructors, Disc Jockeys, Legal Practitioners, Music Producers, Plumbers, Forex Traders, Wig Designers, Bakers, Company Administrators, Entrepreneurs, Inspirational Speakers, Magazine Publishers, Recording Artists, Tax Consultants, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Home Inspector, Carpenters, Limousine Drivers, Public Speakers, Attorneys, Clothing Designers, Elevator Inspectors, Investors, Human Resources Directors, Locksmiths, Realtors, Talent Scout, Data Recovery Specialists, Lecturers, Movie Directors, Photographers, Web Designers, Business Managers, Contractors, Film Makers, Jewelers, Mechanics, Office Furniture Store, Salespeople, Travel Services, Career Counselor, Cosmetologists, Landlords, Medical Transcription Professionals, Day Traders, Opera Singers, Shoemakers, Videographers, Branding Companies, Computer Technicians, Executives, Internet Radio DJ, Marketers, Reporters, Tour Guides, Court Reporters, Lawyers, Mortgage bankers, Pastry Chefs, Social Workers, Virtual Assistants, Bankers, Computer Programmers, Event planners, Interior Designers,Management Consultants, Recording Engineers, Therapist, Artists , Clock Repairmen, Electricians, Housekeepers, Lobbyists, Real Estate Appraisers, Cake Decorators, Copyrighting Services, Filmmakers, Knitting Group, Medical Recruiters, Online Portal Services, Screenwriters Video Game Developers, Dance Companies, Leather Goods Maker, Mortgage brokers, Personal Trainers, Sociologists, Watch Repairers, Designers, Legal Executives, Movie Producers, Placement Agencies, Webmasters, Educators, Historians, Life Coaches, Network Administrators, Psychologists, Authors, Communication Specialists, Entertainers, Importers, Machinists, Record Producers, Tax Auditors, Brokers, Conservationists, Exporters, Investigators, Mechanical Engineers, Nurses, Risk Management Analysts, Tour Operators, Cabinet Makers, Controllers, Film Production Companies, Journalists, Medical Doctors, Online Marketers, Scrapbook Retailers, Video Editors, Architects, Claim Adjusters, Electrical Inspectors, Home Makers, Linguists, Real Estate Agents, Editors, Lending Officers, Negotiators, Psychics, Arbitrators, Cinematographers, Heating and Cooling System Mechanics, Novelists, Swimwear Designers, etc!

How can VH International Business Solutions help your business succeed?

New York Virtual Office

We look forward to serving your New York business needs. Please contact us with any questions:
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Manhattan Virtual Office

Since 1990.

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Mel Kendrick Markers in Madison Square Park

Mel Kendrick Markers

This fall brings some new sculptures to Madison Square Park! Mel Kendrick’s Markers will be on display from September 17 – December 31, 2009.

Madison Square Art 2009:
Mel Kendrick

Mad.Sq.Art is proud to present Markers, a series of five new monumental sculptures by Mel Kendrick. Known for a process-oriented approach to art making that emphasizes the practice of addition and subtraction, Kendrick’s Markers are cast in alternating layers of black and white concrete, resulting in bold striation that alludes to the layered stone found in Italian Gothic Cathedrals. Standing over ten feet tall, the commanding scale of these sculptures echoes the grandeur of their home on the Oval Lawn at the center of the historic Madison Square Park.

Mad.Sq.Art is the free, outdoor art gallery presented by the Madison Square Park Conservancy.

Major support for Mad.Sq.Art is provided by the Founding Partners Agnes Gund and Anonymous (2). Substantial support is provided by Toby Devan Lewis, the Henry Luce Foundation and Ronald A. Pizzuti. Major project support for Markers is provided by David Nolan Gallery, Jill and Peter Kraus, Gail Monaghan and Francis Williams. This project is supported in part with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

New York Virtual Office

Open your office in this culturally rich neighborhood today!

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Since 1990.

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Working from home?

Manhattan Virtual Office

Do you work from home? Do you have a home office?

Do you use your home address on your website’s contact page, on promotional materials, business cards, letterheads… for all the world to see? Do you want people showing up unannounced at your home’s doorstep?

If you don’t want your business associates or clients showing up at your home, you may want to consider using a virtual office service from an executive office center.

There are several distinct benefits that a virtual office service can directly offer a professional working from home.

An executive office center can provide you with a professional physical office address. A brick and mortar presence in a professional environment will add credibility to you and your business; you can be working in a small town or a remote village and still have access to a prestigious business address in a world renowned City on a famous Avenue, such as New York City’s Broadway.

But while shopping around for the right NYC virtual office service, be very aware, make sure you are getting an actual physical office address and not just a mailbox service which only provide you with a faux suite address. You don’t want just a mailbox service, unless you plan to or expect your clients to believe you’re working out of a small mailbox; you want an actual professional office.

With our service, you don’t even need to travel into the City to setup services. You can conveniently setup services right online via our website at www.ManhattanVirtualOffice.com. Any mail received on your behalf can be forwarded to you, wherever you are or you can opt to pickup your mail. If someone stops into your office, they will find a professionally staffed office. Your visitor will be greeted in our well appointed reception area, on your behalf, and the receptionist will offer to take a message for you… you’ll receive notification of the visit via email.

You can also add local phone and fax service if required. We also provide phone services that will actually blindly transfer the calls to you, for you to answer anywhere.

So sit back, relax in your robe and slippers while working from home… we’ll run the office for you!

Apply today, your staffed office is here and ready to serve you you!

New York Virtual Office

How can VH International Business Solutions help you?
Website: Manhattan Virtual Office
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Since 1990.

VH International Business Solutions, Inc.
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Tonight is ExPAC Night at the Ace Hotel


ExPAC Night at Ace Hotel New York

Join Ace Hotel and Adam Davidson for ExPAC, celebrating Pacific Northwest Ex-pats living in New York City. Friday, September 25th, 2009, from 6 – 9 pm in the lobby of Ace Hotel New York. Mr. Ariel Stark-Benz on the turntables, and drink specials for those who still have their Oregon or Washington IDs.

The event is pretty casual and open. Its a way for Ace to appreciate their roots in the Pacific Northwest by getting everyone together here in the Big Apple!

NEW YORK, NY 10001
T. 212.679.2222

RSVP : expac@acehotel.com

Thank you notes from Mr. O’s Class

Thank you from Mr. O's Class

We just received our Thank You package from Mr. O’s class in Charlotte, North Carolina for sponsorship of a classroom project through Donor’s Choose.

Project: The Error of Comedies (Shakespeare’s, that is…)

Project Description by Mr O:

William Shakespeare is credited with introducing nearly 2000 words into the English language and his plays are listed on numerous lists of the most important works of English literature. But his plays were meant to be performed and watched, not read. I teach theatre students in grades 9-12 to appreciate the liveliness of Shakespeare’s language through a physical, performance-based approach, as opposed to a literary approach.

The biggest obstacle to teaching Shakespeare is the fear the students have of his language. If they cannot understand the words, they will never appreciate the beauty of his writing. Therefore, I need an intelligent, well-annotated version of the play so that the students can understand the text as we read it. I am currently using a version I have downloaded from the internet, since I do not have the funds to purchase a class set of the play. The students’ reaction to the photo-copied text is visceral: it looks cheap; the copy paper booklet is large and unwieldy; the writing is small; the words are hard to understand; it’s obviously less important than English where they have a “bought” copy of their texts; etc.

I need a book that is small enough to hold in one hand – paperback size – so the students can easily rehearse while holding the book, since so much of Shakespeare’s comedy is physical. I need a copy that is well-researched and up to date, so that the definitions are clear and easy to understand. The students respond well to Shakespeare when they grasp the meaning. And when they respond well in my class, it carries over into their other classes: they are more confident; they feel more intelligent; they are more willing think critically about language. When their introduction to Shakespeare is fun and interesting and early – I teach this play to Theatre I students who are primarily ninth-graders – I find that it better prepares them for their literature studies in other classes in high school and in college.

Your help will ensure that my students have the understanding they need to be successful with material that forms the foundation of their studies if English language and literature.

Letter from Mr. O:

Dear VH International Business Solutions, Inc,

On behalf of my students, I would like to thank you very much for your generous contributions. Because of the lack of available funds – particularly in the current economic climate – it is difficult to purchase necessary materials for the classroom. Your donations have made it possible for us to have a class set of the Folger Library’s edition of William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, which will be an invaluable resource as the students are introduced to the beauty, fun, and richness of Shakespeare’s language.

Thank you not only for your financial assistance, but also for your belief in the importance of teaching this material and your support for the public schools.

With gratitude,
Mr. O.

Thank you notes from the Students:

Previously received Thank You packages.