Neighborhood Landmark: Fifth Avenue Building Clock

Fifth Avenue Building clock and Flatiron Building Manhattan Virtual Office

Have you noticed the beautiful street clock on Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street?

The clock, installed in 1909 was made by Brooklyn’s Helca Iron Works.

These types of cast-iron street clocks, introduced in the 1860’s, were popular for their advertising purposes – as well as convenience. Store owners would put them in front of their business to attract attention and would normally paint them to match the store. If they moved, their clocks went with them.

There are only a few left in NYC. We are lucky to have such a rare and well maintained example right here in the Flatiron District. The Fifth Avenue Building Clock was designated a New York City Landmark in 1981. (Report). The Helca Iron Work’s factory, the manufacturers of the Fifth Avenue Building Clock, was also given Landmark status. (Report)

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