Living Zero Home Tour in Flatiron Plaza

Views of Manhattan Virtual Office from Living Zero Home Tour

Wondering why there is a house built in the Flatiron Plaza?

It’s part of Living Zero‘s Home Tour. It will be in the Flatiron Plaza on Broadway between 22 and 23rd until tomorrow (August 12, 2009); open from 9am to 6pm.

From their website:

“The Living Zero Home Tour is on the road! The Tour features ENERGY STARĀ® products, eco-friendly construction methods and innovative technologies to demonstrate to thousands of consumers how to integrate energy efficient products into their homes. High performance, low maintenance building materials, home systems, and appliances will be showcased.

The Living Zero Home Tour is traveling from coast to coast to engage visitors in a fun, interactive setting to learn about energy efficiency and renewable energy. Visitors will be surprised to discover what small steps can be taken to drastically reduce energy consumption while at the same time saving on energy bills. ”

Stop by, go inside, there’s a lot of interesting products, information, tips, and ideas…plus the air conditioning is great!!