General Worth Monument

Worth Square
Our neighborhood is chock full of history. As you walk through the area, there are historical buildings, monuments, and lots of new history as well.

Ever wonder what the obelisk by the office is on the island between 24 and 25th street, at the cross section of Broadway and Fifth Avenue? (Picture above with 2-lovely tourists)

It’s part of the General William Jenkins Worth monument. General Worth is the reason for his namesake cities of Fort Worth, Texas, Lake Worth, Texas, Worth, Illinois, Worth County, Georgia, the Lake Worth Lagoon in Florida, the city of Lake Worth, Florida and our very own Worth Street in Manhattan.

The native New Yorker passed on May 17, 1849 in Texas and was taken to the little island, named Worth Square for burial.

Read the New York Times article on the internment of General Worth in Worth Square. Published November 26, 1857.

For more info:
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