Thank you notes from Ms. S’ Class

Thank you from Ms. S' Class

We just received our Thank You package from Ms. S’ class for sponsorship of a project through Donor’s Choose.

Project: Becoming Writers

Project Description by Ms. S:

“I teach first grade at a Charter School in a high-need community in Harlem, NY. My first graders are enthusiastic and passionate about learning.

One of my students’ favorite subject is Writing. Some days they ask to stay in from recess to do more writing- can you believe it, children who’d rather write than to play? As amazing as it sounds, it is more amazing to read their expressions and thoughts come to life through their writings. The difficulty is supplying the books that they need to become writers. As a part of the curriculum, we use touchstone books at the beginning of each unit of study so that the writers will be fully immersed into the genre of study. Therefore, we need supplies of these touchstone books!

The students are amazed by the craft of non-fiction narrative and personal narratives that the published authors have written and try the writing on their own. The more writers are immersed in these great published touchstone books, the better they are able to create their own writing. These books also serve as great read aloud books, where students enjoy listening to and thinking about, and asking and making connections to these stories.

With your contribution of these books, the first grade writers will have opportunities to immerse themselves into how published writers write different genres and create their own writings. Some of my students’ dream is to become writers when they grow up, and with your help, you might find one of their writings in the bookshelf at bookstores in years to come!

Letter from Ms. S:

Dear VH International Business Solutions Inc,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for donating books named under “Becoming Writers.” Your time and financial contribution will make a difference in the lives of my students!

My students were so excited to open the package and recognize how many books were inside! For each writing unit, the writers read published books of the genre to notice how the books are written. They discover and explore the genre of published books, try it out themselves, and then get ready to publish. Currently, we’re studying how All-About books can be written in the form of: Questions&Answer; Personification; and Narrative. The books you have contributed provide ample opportunities for the students to read aloud books in these form of writing so that they can learn and to try out the writing themselves!

Thank you again for your generous donation to our classroom. We will think of you every time we read the books and then try out writing just like one of the published authors!

With gratitude,
Ms. S.

Thank you notes and drawings from the Students:

Previously received Thank You packages

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