Thank you notes from Ms. R’s Class

We just received our Thank You package from Ms. R’s class for sponsorship of a project through Donor’s Choose.

Project: The Singing Sack from Spain

Project Description by Ms. R:

“I am a pre-kindergarten 5th grade music teacher in a dangerous and economically-depressed neighborhood. Our neighborhood is plagued by crime, gang violence, and the difficult social issues that accompany teaching in an impoverished area.

I consciously came to teach at my elementary school, because I wanted to make a difference with students who really needed it. I wanted to contribute my time & talents to communities that are often passed up by good teachers, because the circumstances are not desirable.

My beautiful & talented students come from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Poland & Yemen. Many of them have had few to no opportunities for enrichment learning through the arts and music.

After creating a successful after-school music chorus for the students, I was asked to create a music program for the entire school. Due to limited space, I transformed a disgusting storage room into a bright, colorful music classroom. Due to limited funding, I savaged a few broken instruments from the 1970s, & brought all my personal music to school to use for materials. Due to no money for music curriculum, I studied the city & state music standards, and created my own curriculum from scratch. With a lot of time and creativity, I made the first music program that my students have ever had.

As a magnet school for multicultural studies, our school teaches students about different countries each month. One of the countries that we are teaching about is Spain. In addition to listening to music from Spain, playing instruments from Spain (such as castanets), we are reading and acting out a folklore study from Spain called “The Singing Sack”.

As a culminating project, my students are going to conduct character studies. The characters from the folk story include: a little girl, an ogre, a dog, a cat and the singing sack. Classes will create a list of adjectives to describe each character in the story. We will compare and constrast the characters.

Then each student will pick a character to draw and paint. Students will use the supplies I’m requesting to make their characters. Pre-kindergarten will use finger paints to make characters on finger paint paper. Kindergarten and first grade students will use paints, paint brushes and sponges to make the characters on white art paper. 1st graders will also label their character and write a small paragraph describing the character.

By funding this project you are helping support multicultural learning and global awareness. You are also enriching the lives of students and allowing them to express their learning through artistic expression.

My project needs 12 different art supplies such as finger paint, tempera paint, paint brushes, construction paper, crayons, finger paint paper and paint sponges. The cost of this proposal is $377, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.

Letter from Ms. R after project was funded:

Dear VH International Business Solutions, Inc,
Thank you so much for your generosity! I appreciate you taking the time to read my proposal and fund it. Your act of kindness is creating more opportunities for creative and enriching learning for my students. I look forward to sending you pictures.

May you be blessed,
Quana R

Letter from Ms. R after project completed:

Thank you notes and drawings from the Students:

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